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The Meaning Behind The Song: Petey Com Money Tree by Walk Off the Earth

The Meaning Behind The Song: Petey Com Money Tree by Walk Off the Earth

Yo, yo, yo, this is Petey Pablo, from Walk off the Earth, and the next song you’re about to hear is called Money Tree. This song is so gritty, this is so hard, this is inspired by youth, and growing up. What me and Marshall and Gianni went through on the streets of beat town, and the Caledonia, rough-ass neighborhood, living in our parents’ shitty three-car garage having houses, and getting our own s- crappy basement apartments, and I only had two controllers for my Nintendo 64. TurboGrafx 16, what? We went to some shitty schools and got like the worst straight-A’s, went to crummy colleges on stupid scholarships, what’s that? And, uh, anyways, it’s all about that. And I’m sure you’ve been there if you’ve been to Burlington, you know it’s rough, and you gotta carry you gat in your leg pouch. Or your waist pouch. Or your shoulder pouch. You put it in a pouch, nonetheless. But anyways, it’s pretty crazy, so, listen up, ’cause this is hip-hop at its best.


I remember stumbling upon this song at a friend’s house. It was one of those late-night jam sessions, where we were exploring new music and trying to find hidden gems. And boy, did we strike gold with “Money Tree” by Walk Off the Earth.

The Gritty Reality of Youth

This song takes you on a journey through the rough neighborhoods of beat town and Caledonia, where the members of Walk Off the Earth grew up. They paint a vivid picture of their upbringing in their parents’ three-car garage houses and their subsequent move to the not-so-glamorous basement apartments. It’s a raw portrayal of the challenges faced by the youth, where even owning just two controllers for a gaming console was a luxury.

Academic Struggles

Walk Off the Earth reflects on their academic journey, attending what they describe as “shitty schools” and yet achieving the worst straight-A’s. They talk about going to crummy colleges on scholarships, almost dismissing the value of the opportunity. It highlights the disconnect between formal education and the realities of life, emphasizing the importance of personal experiences and growth outside the classroom.

A Tribute to Burlington

The song acknowledges the roughness of Burlington, the city that shaped Walk Off the Earth. They share the need to carry a weapon, referred to as a “gat,” in various pouches for self-defense. It encapsulates the struggles faced by individuals living in less privileged neighborhoods and serves as a reminder of the challenges they face daily.

Hip-Hop at Its Best

At its core, “Money Tree” is a testament to the power of hip-hop. Petey Pablo, in his commentary, states that the song embodies the true essence of the genre. It captures the rawness, authenticity, and storytelling that make hip-hop such a compelling artform.

In conclusion, “Money Tree” by Walk Off the Earth is a gritty and powerful song that delves into the struggles of youth, personal growth, and the influence of a tough environment. It serves as an anthem for those who have faced adversity and showcases the true essence of hip-hop. So, if you haven’t listened to it yet, I highly recommend giving it a spin.

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