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The Meaning Behind The Song: Papa John by Jae Millz

The Meaning Behind The Song: Papa John by Jae Millz


When it comes to music, we often find songs with deep meanings that resonate with our own experiences and emotions. One such song is “Papa John” by Jae Millz. Today, I want to delve into the lyrics of this track and explore the underlying message that the artist is trying to convey.

The Lyrics


8 slices, hundred 25 a piece

Playing with a little dope, I’m about my chicks

Source unknown but I got those

Hot and ready, shout out to my vados

Place your order and it won’t be long

Out the brick over right into your home

It’s time to eat, ding dong

Powder, I got them packs, Papa John

The song opens with a catchy hook that immediately grabs our attention. The artist talks about the drug trade, symbolized by the price per slice and his “chicks” (street slang for drugs). He emphasizes his ability to acquire these substances from an unknown source, giving him a sense of power and control. The reference to “Papa John” seems to suggest that he plays a significant role in this illicit business.

Verse 1:

Millz ain’t on his shit? Nah, you got it wrong

You can’t name a corner I ain’t poppin on

Double park, make sure my money right then I be gone

He’s on the phone with a bitch that get that sloppy one

Yea her ass mean but her mouth meaner

Spanish bitch, I make her pussy sing like Selena

My flow hard but I could get it soft

Grew up round that Snow White bitch, ain’t seen no seven dwarves

Fuck my money up and it’s vamanos

Infrared, that your crew, now you’re Domino’s

Your girl on my dick cause you a fuckin clown

Treat her pussy like my work, get it home and bust it down

Down down, Papa John

Call me Papa John

If he a loyal customer that’s extra toppings for him

In the first verse, Jae Millz establishes his credibility and reputation in the streets. He rejects any notion that he is not involved in his business, emphasizing that he is present and successful on every corner. He talks about making money and staying one step ahead, while also engaging with women who can satisfy his desires. Through clever wordplay and vivid imagery, he paints a picture of a confident and ruthless individual. The reference to “Domino’s” suggests that he has taken over the authority and control of a rival crew. He also boasts about his sexual prowess and likens it to his success in his illegal activities.


But ain’t no coming down on my price though

Yea we cool and all that but that’s my price dog

The bridge section further emphasizes Millz’s determination and refusal to compromise on his set prices. He asserts his dominance and reminds others that he sets the rules in his world.

Verse 2:

I’m an uptown nigga to the death

You play the stupid, make em form a line to the left

All the fiends know who got that killa nigga

We got the hood lookin like thrilla nigga

I like my women vintage in muskino

Ladylike but still swallow kids like pinot

Bitch I’m bout multiplyin paper, kinko

Sippin Rose out the bottle, with a straw like I’m Nino

Papi call me mi amigo

But mami call me papi lindo

She understand her role is a deliver missile

I cook it then I shoot her off to get it to you

Yea in high-school we had it locked down

And yet you bug with your homeboy from out of town

In the second verse, the artist expresses his loyalty to his neighborhood and the power he holds within it. He talks about his influence over drug addicts and the fear he instills in others. Millz also discusses his preference for older women, showcasing his sophisticated taste. He refers to himself as a businessman, constantly multiplying wealth and enjoying the finer things in life. The reference to Nino (possibly referring to the movie Scarface) illustrates his indulgence in luxury and excess. He also highlights the role of a woman in his operation, acting as a delivery agent to ensure smooth transactions.


“Papa John” by Jae Millz is a song that dives into the gritty reality of a life immersed in the drug trade and street culture. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of power, control, and the pursuit of wealth. While it may not be everyone’s preferred genre or subject matter, this song provides insights into a certain aspect of life that some individuals might relate to or understand. Music has the power to capture our attention and evoke emotions, and “Papa John” does just that.

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