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The Meaning Behind The Song: Palms by Jana Hunter

The Meaning Behind The Song: Palms by Jana Hunter


Palms by Jana Hunter is a haunting yet beautiful song that delves into deep emotions and the complexities of life. As a fan of Jana Hunter and their unique musical style, I have found solace in their mesmerizing lyrics and the captivating melody of Palms. In this article, I aim to uncover the profound meaning behind this song and share my personal experiences with it.

The Lyrics

Oh, my love, look at the shape we’re in
Look at where we’ve been
Two people filled with heartache

And no more open eyes, no more easy signs
Just the road unwinding, calling you away

We’re laying here side by side, burning worlds collide
But never do we try to wash away the gray

Hands don’t ever lead, lips are out of reach
Words no longer free, and in the bed we’re lying

Tiny maps of blame, all the sights and sounds the same
I guess I always sort of wished that it wasn’t

I guess I always wanted something different

The Deeper Meaning

In Palms, Jana Hunter implores us to reflect on the state of our relationships and the toll that heartbreak can take on us. The song delves into the complexities of love and the struggles that arise when a relationship starts to crumble. The line “Two people filled with heartache” speaks to the heaviness that often accompanies failed connections.

The subsequent lyrics paint a picture of disillusionment and the loss of intimacy. The phrase “no more open eyes, no more easy signs” suggests a lack of communication and the waning of emotional connection. The road unwinding might symbolize the growing distance between two individuals, with one person being called away from the other.

The chorus captures the essence of Palms, highlighting the stagnant state of the relationship. The line “but never do we try to wash away the gray” reveals a sense of resignation, as if the characters in the song have given up on finding a resolution or rekindling their connection. The hands that no longer lead and the lips that are out of reach speak to the emotional and physical distance between the two.

Throughout the song, Jana Hunter refers to maps and sights, suggesting a longing for adventure and a desire for something different. The repeated line “I guess I always sort of wished that it wasn’t” acknowledges the disappointment and longing for change, reflecting on the regrets and unmet expectations within the relationship.

Personal Connection

Listening to Palms evokes a wave of emotions in me. The haunting melody and Jana Hunter’s soulful voice resonate deep within my soul. I can’t help but reflect on past relationships that have faced similar struggles, where communication diminished and love faded away.

The song reminds me of the pain that comes with two people growing apart while lying side by side. It takes me back to moments where I yearned for something more, something different from the path we were on. Palms reminds me that relationships can be complex, and sometimes, letting go is the only way to find peace.

Despite the melancholic nature of Palms, I find solace and understanding in its lyrics. It serves as a gentle reminder that heartbreak is a universal experience and that music can serve as a cathartic outlet.


Palms by Jana Hunter is a mesmerizing song that delves into the intricate dynamics of relationships and the pain that can accompany them. It addresses the longing for change and the struggle to maintain connection when faced with heartache. As a listener, I find comfort and reassurance in the lyrics and the emotions they evoke. Through this captivating piece of music, Jana Hunter beautifully captures the complexities of love, allowing listeners to connect and reflect on their own personal experiences.

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