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The Meaning Behind The Song: Old Souls by Jack Sense

The Meaning Behind The Song: “Old Souls” by Jack Sense


I recently stumbled upon a captivating song called “Old Souls” by the talented artist Jack Sense. The compelling lyrics and thought-provoking message immediately caught my attention and left me eager to explore the deeper meaning behind this song. In this article, I will delve into the lyrics and share my personal interpretation of the song’s significance.

The Lyrics

“Old Souls” begins with the repetition of the phrase “Old souls, know what’s next, choose an answer, like a template text.” This line suggests that the individuals referred to as “old souls” possess a profound understanding of the world around them. They seem to have an innate wisdom that guides them through life, enabling them to anticipate and navigate upcoming challenges with ease.

The subsequent lines, “If you think you got it, how you feel? Kill the rap game,” highlight a sense of self-assuredness and confidence. Jack Sense seems to challenge those who claim to understand everything, questioning their true emotional depth and suggesting that they have the power to outshine their peers in the rap game.

Moving on, the lyrics touch upon the idea of inclusivity and spiritual exploration. Lines like “Religion this hit list, I chill with Muslims and the Christians” and “Meditation with a Buddhist” emphasize the artist’s unity with individuals of different religious backgrounds. He advocates for embracing various belief systems and practices to expand one’s perspective and foster a more inclusive society.

The lyrics further illustrate Jack Sense’s broad range of knowledge and interests. He references different belief systems and religions, such as Hindus and Jews, highlighting the importance of embracing various cultures and learning from them. This deep understanding of diverse ideologies showcases the artist’s intellectual curiosity and his commitment to personal growth.

In the second section of the song, Jack Sense explores the themes of truth and freedom of expression. Lines like “Freedom to think, but dare take my freedom to speak,” showcase the artist’s desire to challenge societal norms and express himself freely. He embodies a rebellious spirit, unafraid to question traditional institutions like cathedrals and mosques.

Throughout the lyrics, there are references to ancient civilizations and mystical concepts, such as “Göbekli Tepe,” “Orion’s Belt,” and “Quetzalcoatl spoke to Aztecs.” These references allude to Jack Sense’s fascination with the secrets of the universe and his desire to uncover hidden knowledge. It portrays him as a seeker of truth and wisdom, unafraid to explore the mysteries of the world.

In the final section of the song, Jack Sense emphasizes the importance of passing down knowledge from one generation to another. He recognizes the value of preserving wisdom and resisting the temptation to simplify complex ideas for the sake of popularity. The artist believes that rap music should go beyond superficiality, encouraging listeners to engage with deeper themes and concepts.


“Old Souls” by Jack Sense is a captivating song that provokes thought and challenges societal norms. Through its profound lyrics, the song urges listeners to embrace diversity, question authority, and pursue knowledge. Jack Sense’s passion for meaningful rap and his exploration of various spiritual and intellectual concepts make this song an inspiring and thought-provoking experience.

As I listened to “Old Souls,” I found myself reflecting on my own journey towards self-discovery and the importance of staying curious and open-minded. The song resonated with me on a deep level, reminding me of the significance of embracing different beliefs and learning from diverse experiences.

In conclusion, “Old Souls” serves as a testament to the power of music and its ability to convey powerful messages. It challenges us to look beyond the surface level and seek a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us. Let Jack Sense’s words inspire you to explore new perspectives and ignite the flame of curiosity within your own soul.

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