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The Meaning Behind The Song: Not A Minute Too Soon by Vixen (Rock)

The Meaning Behind The Song: Not A Minute Too Soon by Vixen (Rock)

As a music critic, I have come across countless songs that have touched me in different ways. However, there are few songs that have resonated with me as deeply as “Not A Minute Too Soon” by Vixen. I first heard this song on a rainy evening when I was feeling particularly lost and uncertain about my life. Little did I know that this rock ballad would hold such profound meaning for me.

The lyrics of “Not A Minute Too Soon” speak of loneliness, rejection, and the desperation for love and acceptance. It beautifully captures the emotions of someone who has built walls around themselves, guarding their heart against the unknown. The protagonist is trapped in a dungeon of their own making, seeking solace in their fortress but ultimately yearning for connection.

But just when all hope seems lost, a ray of light shines through. The lyrics convey a moment of realization when the protagonist’s world is turned upside down by a pure and genuine smile. It is in this moment that love breaks through, not a minute too soon. The love described in the song is portrayed as a rescue, as the water in a desert, quenching the protagonist’s thirst and saving them in the nick of time.

The powerful imagery used in the lyrics of “Not A Minute Too Soon” paints a vivid picture of someone who has given up on love and is on the verge of losing faith. Time after time, they throw their heart away, their spirit crying in vain. It is a relatable experience for anyone who has felt broken and lost, unsure if love will ever find them again.

Yet, Vixen’s lyrics offer hope and redemption. They highlight the transformative power of love and its ability to wash away past hurts and insecurities. The protagonist finds solace in the kisses and touches, which bring back the feeling of the first, sweet moments of love. It is a reminder that love has the ability to heal and rejuvenate, no matter how jaded one may be.

When I first stumbled upon this song at a friend’s house, I was captivated by the raw emotion conveyed through Janet Gardner’s powerful vocals. The lyrics struck a chord within me, as if Vixen had managed to put my own longing and yearning into words. Through their music, they managed to articulate feelings that were buried deep within my heart, making me feel seen and understood.

“Not A Minute Too Soon” is a standout track from Vixen’s album “Rev It Up” released in 1990. The album, as a whole, tackles themes of love, loss, and resilience, but it is this particular song that stands out for its profound message and emotional depth.

In conclusion, “Not A Minute Too Soon” by Vixen is a rock anthem that speaks to the core of human emotions. It addresses feelings of isolation, rejection, and the desperate search for love and acceptance. Through powerful lyrics and captivating vocals, the song offers hope and redemption, reminding us that love has the power to heal and save us, even when it arrives not a minute too soon.

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