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The Meaning Behind The Song: Nobody But You by Perry Como

The Meaning Behind The Song: Nobody But You by Perry Como


Music has always played a crucial role in human emotions, and one song that captures the essence of love and devotion is “Nobody But You” by Perry Como. Released in 1950, this timeless classic has touched the hearts of millions with its heartfelt lyrics and Como’s smooth vocals. In this article, we will delve into the meaning behind this sentimental piece, exploring its lyrics, composition, and the impact it had on Como’s career.

The Lyrics of “Nobody But You”:

First Verse:

The song begins with Como softly crooning, “I don’t want anybody but you, dear. I don’t want anybody but you. Just you sweetie.” These simple yet powerful lines promptly set the tone of unrequited love and undying affection, perfectly encapsulating the desire to be with someone special.


As the chorus kicks in, Perry Como’s voice soars, expressing the yearning that echoes throughout the song. “Nobody but you, dear. Nobody but you,” he declares, emphasizing his unwavering devotion to this special person in his life.

Second Verse:

Continuing the theme of longing and adoration, Como implores, “Although I know I could have others, I’d be lonely.” These lyrics highlight the deep connection he feels with this individual, acknowledging that no one else could fulfill the void left in his heart.

The Composition:

The song was composed by Al Stillman and Robert Allen, who were both successful songwriters during the mid-20th century. Together, they penned several other hits for Perry Como, including “Don’t Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes” and “It’s Impossible.”

The arrangement of “Nobody But You” showcases Como’s velvety voice against a lush backdrop of orchestration. The instrumentation, including soft piano, swelling strings, and gentle percussion, enhances the emotional depth and romantic ambiance of the song.

The Impact on Perry Como’s Career:

Released as a single in 1950, “Nobody But You” peaked at number five on the Billboard charts, solidifying Como’s status as one of the most successful singers of his time. The song stayed on the charts for 11 weeks, ultimately becoming one of Como’s signature tunes.

Following the success of “Nobody But You,” Perry Como gained further recognition and went on to release numerous chart-topping hits over the next few decades. His smooth vocal style, combined with his ability to evoke genuine emotion through song, endeared him to audiences around the world.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Who initially recorded “Nobody But You”?

A1: While Perry Como popularized the song, it was initially recorded by Vic Damone in 1949 before Como’s rendition became widely known.

Q2: Did “Nobody But You” win any awards?

A2: While the song itself did not win any major awards, it played a vital role in solidifying Perry Como’s reputation as a talented and beloved artist.

Q3: Are there any cover versions of “Nobody But You”?

A3: Over the years, several artists have covered the song, including Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, and Dean Martin, but Perry Como’s interpretation remains the most notable.

Q4: What inspired the song’s lyrics?

A4: The lyrics of “Nobody But You” were inspired by the universal theme of longing for a particular person. They resonate with anyone who has experienced the overwhelming desire to be with someone they deeply cherish.

Q5: Did Perry Como write any of his songs?

A5: Perry Como was primarily known as an interpreter of songs, though he did co-write a few tunes throughout his career, “Dance Only with Me” being one example.

Q6: Where can I listen to “Nobody But You”?

A6: “Nobody But You” is available on various music streaming platforms, such as Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube.

Q7: Did Perry Como release any other popular songs?

A7: Perry Como’s discography boasts numerous hits, including “Magic Moments,” “Catch a Falling Star,” and “Round and Round,” to name just a few.

Q8: What genre does “Nobody But You” belong to?

A8: The song falls under the popular music genre, with a touch of easy listening and traditional pop, typical of Como’s style.

Q9: Did Perry Como perform “Nobody But You” live?

A9: Yes, Perry Como often included “Nobody But You” in his live performances, captivating audiences with his smooth rendition and charismatic stage presence.

Q10: How did “Nobody But You” resonate with listeners in the 1950s?

A10: In the conservative era of the 1950s, songs of love and romance provided an escapist outlet for listeners. “Nobody But You” connected with individuals who longed for a deep emotional connection and the comfort of a devoted partner.

Q11: Did “Nobody But You” inspire other musicians?

A11: As one of Perry Como’s most successful songs, “Nobody But You” undoubtedly influenced other musicians of the time, both in terms of lyrical themes and musical arrangement.

Q12: What other famous songs did Al Stillman and Robert Allen write?

A12: Al Stillman and Robert Allen collaborated on other well-known songs, such as “Chances Are” (Johnny Mathis) and “Home for the Holidays” (Perry Como).

Q13: Explain the significance of Perry Como’s vocal style.

A13: Perry Como’s warm and relaxed vocal style resonated with listeners, providing a comforting and reassuring presence throughout his songs. His effortless delivery and ability to convey emotions touched the hearts of millions.

Q14: Was “Nobody But You” featured in any films or TV shows?

A14: While it wasn’t prominently featured in any films or TV shows, “Nobody But You” has made appearances in various nostalgic compilations and retrospectives.

Q15: How does “Nobody But You” retain its relevance today?

A15: Love and longing are timeless emotions, and “Nobody But You” taps into these sentiments, making it resonate with listeners of all generations seeking connection and affection.

In conclusion, “Nobody But You” by Perry Como captures the essence of an enduring and profound love. Its heartfelt lyrics, Como’s smooth vocals, and the exquisite composition showcase the emotional depth and longing associated with true devotion. This classic song continues to touch the hearts of listeners, reminding us of the universal desire for a love that is “nobody but you.”

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