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The Meaning Behind The Song: Noble by Zach B

The Meaning Behind The Song: Noble by Zach B


As a Music Technician, I often come across songs that leave a lasting impact on me. One such song is “Noble” by Zach B. I first heard this song on a quiet afternoon while browsing through music at a friend’s house. From the moment I pressed play, I was captivated by the raw emotions conveyed through the lyrics and the heartfelt delivery of Zach B’s voice.

The Lyrics

The lyrics of “Noble” delve into the complexities of a broken relationship. Zach B opens the song by expressing his frustration towards his partner, accusing her of being disingenuous in her feelings. He questions why she masks her unhappiness and wonders if she ever truly meant what she said. The singer’s vulnerability shines through as he recounts the pain of being left behind and feeling disposable. The chorus emphasizes his overdose on love, trust, and tears, suggesting that he feels overwhelmed by his emotions.

In the second verse, Zach B reflects on the brokenness caused by the relationship. He confronts the insecurities he feels due to his partner’s actions and admits to being petrified of the truth. The lyrics suggest that the singer feels taken for granted and realizes that his partner cared more about superficial things than their bond. The song concludes with an acceptance of the relationship’s end, as Zach B packs up his feelings and prepares to move on.

Poignant Emotion

What makes “Noble” truly resonate with me is the authenticity and vulnerability in Zach B’s delivery. The song captures the pain and confusion one experiences when a relationship goes sour. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of heartbreak, self-doubt, and the longing for closure.

Personal Connection

Listening to “Noble” takes me back to a time when I experienced a similar situation. The song’s honesty and relatability transport me to a place where I felt lost and broken. It serves as a reminder that I am not alone in my struggles and that healing is possible.


“Noble” by Zach B is a powerful song that explores the complexities of a failed relationship. Through heartfelt lyrics and an emotional delivery, the artist captures the pain and longing for closure. As a listener, I find solace in the relatability of the music and the reminder that emotions, though painful, are a part of the human experience.

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