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The Meaning Behind The Song: New Whip, LightSkinned by Mackned

The Meaning Behind The Song: New Whip, LightSkinned by Mackned

I am currently listening to the song “New Whip, LightSkinned” by Mackned while working, and it has captured my attention with its unique lyrics and intriguing title. This track, released on August 4, 2015, is part of the album “Female.”

Verse 1 Meaning

In the first verse, Mackned expresses his struggle to remain humble despite his newfound success and material possessions. He mentions riding around in his “new whip,” a symbol of his achievements. The lyrics suggest that people look at him differently now, with envy and perhaps admiration. Mackned confidently asserts that no one can replace him and his position in the industry. He mentions the use of drugs, like Percocet, while emphasizing his commitment to his business endeavors. The mention of his father’s memory loss and the impact it had on his finances adds a personal touch to the song.

Chorus Meaning

The chorus reflects Mackned’s confident attitude towards those who are struggling financially. He states that broke individuals won’t see him now that he’s successful. The line “I’m blind to fakin’ niggas, understand your money, hustlin’, and gettin’ on” implies that he is focused on his own journey and not interested in fakers or negativity.

Verse 2 Meaning

In the second verse, guest artist Wicca Phase Springs Eternal takes the spotlight. He refers to himself and the members of Gothboiclique, a collective he’s associated with. Wicca Phase describes the scenario of him riding in an all-white vehicle and the choice he has to make. The imagery of his black eyeliner and the contrast of the interior of his “Gothboi Benz” create a dark aesthetic. He also mentions a sexual encounter and the presence of law enforcement, indicating a rebellious attitude.

Overall Message

“New Whip, LightSkinned” appears to be more than just a boastful track about material possessions and success. The song’s underlying message conveys a sense of determination, perseverance, and individuality. Mackned and Wicca Phase Springs Eternal authentically express their experiences, struggles, and ambitions through their lyrical storytelling.

As with any song, the true meaning may vary depending on the listener’s interpretation and personal experiences. Each individual may connect with the song differently and find their unique significance within the lyrics.

Overall, “New Whip, LightSkinned” stands out not only for its catchy beats and memorable lines but also for the emotions and stories it conveys. It serves as a representation of the artists’ journeys and their aspirations within the music industry.

Next time you listen to “New Whip, LightSkinned,” take a moment to reflect on the lyrics and see how they resonate with you personally. Allow the song to take you on a musical journey filled with self-reflection and appreciation for the artists’ artistry.

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