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The Meaning Behind The Song: New Song by Jason Gray

The Meaning Behind The Song: New Song by Jason Gray


As a fan of Jason Gray, I have always appreciated his ability to bring depth and meaning to his music. One song in particular, “New Song,” from his 2020 album “Order, Disorder, Reorder,” has resonated with me on a personal level. In this article, I will delve into the underlying meaning of this song and share my own experiences with it.

The Lyrics

In the first verse, Jason Gray introduces us to a woman with a tattoo of a bird on her arm. She opens up about her past struggles and the losses she has endured. She shares a story of sailors lost at sea who would keep their eyes on the horizon and listen for the birds to sing. This acts as a metaphor for hope and finding guidance amidst challenging times.

The pre-chorus echoes the sentiment of waiting for a sign, a new thing to come. It expresses the longing for a song that assures us we will be guided through difficult circumstances and reach our desired destination.

The chorus is a powerful plea for that new song. It yearns for a melody that reassures, uplifts, and leads the way. The phrases “You’re gonna see me through,” “get me to that shore,” and “You brought me through that storm” highlight a desire for divine intervention and the faith that accompanies it.

The second verse, sung by Blanca, further emphasizes the yearning for something new. It reflects on the uncertainty of the sun rising and the fear of running out of time. This verse encapsulates the doubts and anxieties that can consume us in challenging seasons of life.

The bridge brings a glimmer of hope. It reminds us of the patience required during difficult times and how, when we cry out, we are heard. The image of being lifted out of the metaphorical mud and given a place to stand signifies the transformative power of divine intervention. The new song placed in our mouths signifies a renewed spirit and a feeling of being guided hand-in-hand towards a brighter future.

The outro emphasizes the transition from longing to fulfillment. It celebrates a new song that breaks down doors, picks us up from the floor, and assures us of constant support. We are reminded that we are never alone and that something new is always being done in our lives. The birds singing represent a sense of hope, signaling the arrival of a fresh beginning.

Personal Connection

When I first listened to “New Song” by Jason Gray, I was going through a challenging period in my life. The lyrics spoke directly to the doubts and fears that plagued me. It was as if the song understood my struggles and offered a comforting embrace. The idea of waiting for something new was especially significant, as it reminded me to remain patient and have faith that positive change would eventually arrive.

The bridge, with its message of being lifted out of despair and given a renewed purpose, resonated deeply within me. It served as a reminder that I was not alone in my journey and that there was a guiding hand leading me towards better days. The lyrics provided me with a sense of hope and reignited my belief that there was a new song waiting for me in the future.


“New Song” by Jason Gray is not just a collection of lyrics and melodies; it carries a profound message of hope, resilience, and faith. Through the metaphorical representation of finding guidance amidst storms and waiting for a new song to guide us, Gray encapsulates the human experience of longing for a fresh start. This song has had a tremendous impact on me personally, reminding me to hold onto hope and trust in the unseen melodies that life has in store.

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