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The Meaning Behind The Song: New Age Outlaws by Marino Infantry

The Meaning Behind The Song: New Age Outlaws by Marino Infantry


I am listening to the song “New Age Outlaws” by Marino Infantry while working and I can’t help but be captivated by its unique sound and powerful lyrics. Released as part of the album “Enter the Infantry, Vol. 2” in 2021, this track showcases the talents of A$AP Ant and Baby 9eno. In this article, we will delve into the song’s lyrics and explore the deeper meaning behind it.

Verse 1: A$AP Ant

The song starts off with A$AP Ant’s distinctive voice delivering hard-hitting lines. He metaphorically compares pearls underwater, implying that they are difficult to find, just like his shooter who stands by his side like a lineman in football. The mention of Steve Young and the number 49 refers to the legendary San Francisco 49ers quarterback, drawing a parallel between his dominance on the field and the rapper’s own prowess. A$AP Ant further expresses his aggression and determination through references to shooting out windows and engaging in blind attacks.

Verse 2: Baby 9eno

Baby 9eno takes the second verse, discussing his own experiences and struggles. He talks about communicating with his drug supplier through prepaid phone cards, emphasizing the covert nature of his dealings. The reference to the delay implies the unpredictability and challenges he faces in his illegal activities. Baby 9eno warns others not to mess with him, as he is ready to defend himself and his possessions. His mention of selling snow on Fairfax Street showcases his involvement in the drug trade.

Verse 3: A$AP Ant

In the third verse, A$AP Ant dives into his materialistic desires while also showcasing his lyrical prowess. He compares his car to an orange, conveying his confidence and flair. The mention of a relapse could refer to him paying for a previous mistake, highlighting the consequences of his actions. A$AP Ant invokes references to Ryu and Ken, characters from the video game Street Fighter, to emphasize his skill and dominance. He dismisses his critics, likening them to insignificant noise in the background.

Verse 4: Baby 9eno

Baby 9eno continues the narrative in the fourth verse, expressing his ambition to succeed despite the challenges he faces. He mentions landing a lucrative connection outside of a hotel, underscoring the entrepreneurial nature of his activities. The line “When ya dick in the dirt, that really will humble you” suggests that experiencing failure can be a humbling experience. He concludes by mentioning his readiness to defend himself, alluding to the power and violence associated with carrying a Glock.

Overall Message

“New Age Outlaws” by Marino Infantry is a song that delves into the struggles, ambitions, and realities of a lifestyle often associated with hip-hop culture. The lyrics portray a sense of aggression, ambition, and determination, conveying the challenges and risks that these artists face. The song’s raw and intense energy is a testament to their resilience and refusal to be held back by societal norms.


“New Age Outlaws” by Marino Infantry is a powerful track that offers a glimpse into the lives and mindset of A$AP Ant and Baby 9eno. Their lyrics paint a vivid picture of their experiences and aspirations, set against a backdrop of hard-hitting beats and catchy melodies. By exploring the meaning behind the song, we gain a deeper appreciation for the artistry and storytelling within the hip-hop genre.

(Note: The article is based on personal interpretation and the views expressed are solely my own.)

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