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The Meaning Behind The Song: My Love by Jill Scott

The Meaning Behind The Song: My Love by Jill Scott


In “My Love”, Jill Scott expresses her confusion and disbelief upon discovering that her love interest has gotten married to someone else. The lyrics delve into her emotions and longing for a deeper connection with this person.

Verse 1:

The song begins with Jill questioning why her love interest chose to be with someone else, describing the other person as sweet and accommodating, even to the point of accepting lies. However, Jill wonders if this new relationship truly brings him happiness, as she believes there is a lack of something more profound and intimate between them.


The chorus emphasizes the depth and intensity of Jill’s love, expressing that it is stronger, tighter, sweeter, and higher than what he currently experiences. She questions whether he ever realized or acknowledged the significance of her love for him.

Verse 2:

In the second verse, Jill highlights the unspoken nature of their connection, claiming that their love goes beyond words and surpasses anything he has ever experienced. She recognizes that she should be the one by his side, despite his claims of happiness in his current relationship. Jill believes their love is undeniable and urges him to be with her, as it is the way it is supposed to be.


The bridge further emphasizes Jill’s unwavering thoughts of this person, as he constantly occupies her mind and dreams. She firmly believes that regardless of where he is or who he is with, he will always think of her.


The chorus is repeated, once again highlighting the unmatched depth and intensity of Jill’s love that she feels he may not have fully recognized or acknowledged.


“My Love” is featured on Jill Scott’s album “The Real Thing: Words and Sounds Vol. 3,” released in 2007.

Personal Take:

Personally, “My Love” resonates deeply with me. I have experienced the bittersweet feeling of unrequited love, where a person I cared for deeply chose someone else. This song encapsulates the confusion and longing that comes with such a situation. Jill Scott’s soulful vocals and heartfelt lyrics perfectly capture the emotional rollercoaster that accompanies unfulfilled love.

The song serves as a reminder that our feelings and love should not be taken for granted. It speaks to the longing we all feel for a deep and genuine connection with someone, one that cannot be easily replaced. “My Love” reignites the hope that maybe, someday, love will be reciprocated in its purest form.

In “My Love,” Jill Scott delivers a powerful message about love, longing, and the undeniable truth that not all connections can be easily replaced. It is a heartfelt plea for true and genuine love, one that leaves a lasting impact on listeners who have experienced similar heartaches.

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