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The Meaning Behind The Song: Music for Lovers by Nina Simone

The Meaning Behind The Song: Music for Lovers by Nina Simone


I first heard the mesmerizing melody of “Music for Lovers” by Nina Simone on a lazy Sunday afternoon. I remember stumbling upon this song at a friend’s house, and from the moment the first notes filled the room, I was captivated. As the song whisked me away with its soulful embrace, I couldn’t help but appreciate the profound meaning behind its lyrics.

The Lyrics

In “Music for Lovers,” Nina Simone beautifully captures the essence of love and its universal impact. The song begins by acknowledging that there is music specifically tailored for lovers, symbolically represented in the sound of a sigh. It suggests that within the realm of love, there exists a unique harmony that resonates deep within our souls.

Simone continues to delve into the purity of love, emphasizing how it can be found in the innocent dreams of a child. The hush-a-bye dreams serve as a reminder that love is not limited to romantic relationships, but also entails the love felt for our loved ones, especially for our children.

As the lyrics progress, Simone touches upon the transformative power of love. She believes that once the world recognizes that love is the only thing truly worthwhile, there will be music for everyone. This optimistic sentiment portrays love as a unifying force that has the potential to bring joy and happiness to individuals across the globe.

The bridge of the song adds another layer of symbolism, as Simone refers to a willow tree and its silver symphony of birds. It suggests that the beauty of nature is intertwined with love, and that even in the simplest of things, we can find melodies that resonate with our emotions.

Addtional Information

Released in 1969, “Music for Lovers” is part of Nina Simone’s album “Nina Simone and Piano!” The album showcases Simone’s exceptional talent as both a pianist and vocalist, with her soulful arrangements and powerful delivery.

The song was produced by Creed Taylor and written by Bart Howard, who is recognized for composing the famous song “Fly Me to the Moon.” In addition, Nina Simone herself arranged the track, while David Matthews handled the strings arrangement. The recording and mixing were done by Dave Palmer, with assistance from mixing engineer Joel Cohn.

“Music for Lovers” is a beautiful blend of R&B, soul jazz, and ballad influences, showcasing Nina Simone’s versatility as an artist. The song’s soothing piano melodies and Simone’s evocative vocals create a heartfelt experience that resonates with listeners.

In conclusion, “Music for Lovers” by Nina Simone is a timeless masterpiece that beautifully captures the essence of love. Its lyrics, accompanied by Simone’s impeccable musical arrangement, serve as a reminder of the profound impact love has on our lives. Whether it’s the sound of a sigh or the dreams of a child, love’s universal language permeates every aspect of our existence. So, let the music play, and allow yourself to be serenaded by the enchanting melodies of “Music for Lovers.”

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