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The Meaning Behind The Song: Mr Whippy’s Benz by Jam Baxter x Lee Scott x Trellion

The Meaning Behind The Song: Mr Whippy’s Benz by Jam Baxter x Lee Scott x Trellion

As a fan of underground rap music, I stumbled upon the captivating track “Mr Whippy’s Benz” by Jam Baxter, Lee Scott, and Trellion. The song immediately caught my attention with its unique style and thought-provoking lyrics. In this article, I will delve into the meaning behind this captivating song and share my personal experiences and interpretation.

Verse 1: Lee Scott’s Pursuit of Success and Luxury

The song kicks off with Lee Scott emphasizing the value of financial stability. He expresses his desire to make it rain and mentions his aspirations of owning gold bricks. The lyrics portray a sense of materialistic ambition and a yearning for a life of comfort and leisure.

With lines like “On a beach in a hammock, while you slave away” and “I’m your dad’s dad,” Lee Scott highlights his desire to escape the mundane and achieve success. However, his portrayal of himself as a “conscious rapper posing as some ‘Suck me dick, bitch’ shit” adds a layer of irony to his aspirations.

Verse 2: Trellion’s Reckless Lifestyle and Skillful Wordplay

Trellion’s verse takes a different turn, focusing on his hedonistic and rebellious lifestyle. He references drug use, promiscuity, and his knack for mischief. Lines like “She was clueless before, but she gets it now” and “Fire shots from a hired yacht” showcase his carefree and daring nature.

Trellion’s wordplay is also worth mentioning, as he skillfully rhymes and creates vivid imagery. From being “up on the yay, high” to “posing for the camera” while his partner multitasks, his lyrics showcase his poetic prowess and versatile flow.

Verse 3: Jam Baxter’s Chaotic and Introspective Mindset

Jam Baxter brings a dark and introspective element to the song with his verse. His lyrics dive into his troubled thoughts and struggles. Lines like “Step inside, check my pissed-off chick collection” and “Inner visions, inner city” paint a picture of inner demons and a chaotic mind.

His references to drugs and the juxtaposition of psychedelic experiences with mundane realities create a sense of disorientation and melancholy. Jam Baxter’s verses navigate the listener through a labyrinth of his consciousness, leaving them pondering upon the intricacies of the human psyche.

The Chorus and Outro

The chorus, delivered by Lee Scott, implies his longing for a Benz, a symbol of luxury and success. The outro section reiterates this desire and playfully suggests robbing friends to fulfill this aspiration. It is important to note the sarcastic tone, indicating a disregard for traditional materialism and the pursuit of personal gain at the expense of others.

Overall, “Mr Whippy’s Benz” is a multi-layered song that showcases the individual styles and perspectives of Jam Baxter, Lee Scott, and Trellion. The lyrics explore themes of ambition, recklessness, introspection, and the irony of material desires. Each verse provides a unique glimpse into the mindsets and experiences of the artists, leaving room for interpretation and personal connection.

Whether you listen to it for the captivating wordplay, introspective themes, or sheer enjoyment of underground rap, “Mr Whippy’s Benz” is a song that demands attention and invites listeners to delve deeper into its meaning.

Note: The lyrics are quoted as provided by the Genius website.

Album title: MANSION 38 / MR. WHIPPY’S BENZ (2016)

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