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The Meaning Behind The Song: More Than I Deserve (Live) by Vertical Worship

The Meaning Behind The Song: More Than I Deserve (Live) by Vertical Worship

As a music enthusiast, I often find myself captivated by the emotions and meanings behind songs. One such song that has touched my heart is “More Than I Deserve (Live)” by Vertical Worship. I first heard this song while browsing through a music playlist and it instantly caught my attention.

The lyrics of this song speak to the overwhelming love and grace of God. It starts with the powerful words, “I am covered by your blood, I’m known by You and loved, With nothing left to prove or hide.” These lines remind us that we are redeemed and accepted by God, solely through His grace. We don’t need to hide or pretend, for we are His children.

The chorus beautifully expresses gratitude for the sacrificial love of God, singing, “O what a gift You gave, O what a price You paid, More than I deserve, More than I deserve.” This reminds me of the immense sacrifice Jesus made on the cross for our sins. It is a humbling realization that His love for us goes beyond what we could ever deserve or comprehend.

Moving into the second verse, the lyrics continue to praise God’s generosity and kindness. “Your presence satisfies, Calming every hidden fear, What a selfless sacrifice, The love that gave me life.” These lines remind us of the peace and contentment we find in God’s presence. He is the only one who can calm our fears and truly satisfy our souls.

The bridge of the song emphasizes the vastness of God’s love and provision. “More than all the riches of this world, More than all the treasures I could hold.” These words remind us that God’s love surpasses all the earthly things we may chase after. His love is greater than any material possession or worldly success.

The third verse takes a glimpse into the future, singing about the glory that will be revealed. “For no eye has ever seen, No ear has ever heard, The glory that will be revealed.” This speaks of the hope and anticipation we have as believers, knowing that one day all sorrows will be wiped away, and the kingdoms of the earth will bow before our God.

As I reflect upon the lyrics of “More Than I Deserve (Live),” I am reminded of the depth of God’s love for us. His faithfulness and promises are more than we could ever fathom or deserve. This song is a beautiful reminder of His grace and the blessings we receive as His children.

Released on July 29, 2016, this song is a part of Vertical Worship’s album titled “Frontiers.” It was written by Paul Baloche, Meredith Andrews, and Jacob Sooter. The collaboration of these talented songwriters has created a masterpiece that speaks to the hearts of many.

In conclusion, “More Than I Deserve (Live)” by Vertical Worship is a powerful song that reminds us of God’s unconditional love and grace. Its lyrics capture the essence of the Christian faith and inspire gratitude for all that God has done for us. Listening to this song is like being wrapped in a warm embrace, knowing that we are loved, accepted, and cherished by our Heavenly Father.

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