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The Meaning Behind The Song: Monopoly by Manndy

The Meaning Behind The Song: Monopoly by Manndy


I am currently enjoying the song “Monopoly” by Manndy while I work. This track has been on my playlist for quite some time, and I have found myself drawn to it because of its catchy beats and intriguing lyrics. Today, I would like to delve deeper into the meaning behind this song and share my personal interpretation of it.

The Lyrics Breakdown

Vi ruller vi ruller vi ruller, houdini når vi høre la hura
Herude fuldt med hyæner, skal ram top, skal bevæge mig
Slapper af, slapper af, laver git tager ikke tilbage
Hvor var du, har ingen grund til at dele
Deler ikke med de slanger, for de ude efter de hele
De vil tage det hele fra dig, rolig rolig rolig rolig, har de slanger på min radar
Ung hustler jeg er ikke bange for
At flyve over de grænser
Ligger stilen bare rolig, giv mig double cup med noget jack d
Giz kigger tænker oh god, jagter gucci og noget goyard
Spis eller bliv spist, jagter til jeg havner i en kiste
Brødre med fra starten, vi på ved op, vi på farten
Stabler, stabler det ik tetris
Spytter bars der er poetisk

Laver bare mine skejser som Monopoly
Stabler stabler para til vi alle er rige
Laver bare mine skejser som monopoly
Arh cest la vie

De vil de vil de vil snakke til mig
Når de ser jeg har lacag med mig
Cruiser rundt i en araba ja det 220 så de ikk fanger mig
Lytter ik for de snakker bar
Jeg har ting som de ik har
De for mig ikke væk herfra
De ved godt de ingen chance har
Hvis der blå blink så det cardio
Hvis det om penge så jeg rambo
Hvis det er 6 cifre så der fart på
Giz kigger når de ser på kontoen at der lacag på
Hvad har du regnet med når jeg taber pung så bliver der regnet ned

Når han taber pungen så bliver der regnet ned
Og de snakker stadig om deres guldkæde
Men de har ingenting lak fjern dem lige igen
Vi pakker alle sammen og sender dem i seng
De er tid til at rulle hele branchen
Og har ikke brug for assistance
Vi sender med ambulance
Når de ikke kender til konkurrence

Laver bare mine skejser som Monopoly
Stabler stabler para til vi alle er rige
Laver bare mine skejser som monopoly
Aah cest la vie

De snakker alt for meget bare lad mig slap af
De snakker bare hver fucking dag
Gider ikke høre på dem bare min egen sag
Ohh bare min egen sag

The lyrics of “Monopoly” by Manndy carry a powerful message of perseverance, chasing success, and remaining unaffected by the negativity of others. The song starts with a sense of confidence and determination, emphasizing that the speaker is ready to make moves and leave their mark. They refuse to share their success with those who are envious or deceptive, acknowledging the presence of snakes in their path.

The chorus, which repeats “Laver bare mine skejser som Monopoly” (translates to “Just stacking my cash like Monopoly”), showcases the central idea of the song. It conveys the attitude of focusing on accumulating wealth and achieving financial stability, much like the game of Monopoly. The lyrics suggest that the speaker and their crew are working hard to amass wealth together, encouraging everyone to stack up their money until they are all rich.

The second verse highlights the speaker’s refusal to pay attention to the meaningless chatter of others. They assert their superiority, indicating that they possess things that others do not. The mention of “guldkæde” (gold chain) signifies material possessions that hold little value to the speaker. They mock those who talk without substance and dismiss anyone who doubts their abilities. The lyrics also reference the speaker’s ability to handle difficult situations, using the metaphor of “blå blink” (blue lights) to represent urgency and “rambo” to symbolize their fearless approach to dealing with financial matters.

In the bridge, the speaker metaphorically showers those who have lost their worth with criticism. They clarify that the individuals who constantly talk about their gold chains actually have nothing substantial to offer. The speaker then asserts their dominance and success, claiming that they are ready to conquer the entire industry without any support or assistance.

The song concludes with a statement about the speaker’s desire for peace, free from the constant chattering of others. They assert that they only want to focus on their own journey and ignore the opinions of those who do not contribute positively to their growth.

My Interpretation

As I listen to “Monopoly” by Manndy, I interpret it as an anthem of self-confidence, ambition, and the pursuit of success. The song speaks to anyone striving for financial stability and independence, encouraging them to focus solely on their goals and disregard the negativity that may try to hinder their progress. It serves as a reminder that success is attainable when one possesses determination, resilience, and a strong work ethic.

The lyrics painted a picture of a competitive world where individuals may try to bring you down or distract you from your objectives. However, the song’s message empowers listeners to rise above these challenges and maintain an unwavering focus on their own journey. It serves as a reminder to take control of one’s life, to channel ambition into tangible achievements, and to remember that true success lies within oneself, not in material possessions or the opinions of others.


“Monopoly” by Manndy carries a motivational message that resonates with many individuals striving for success in their personal and professional lives. Its lyrics encourage listeners to stack up their wealth, remain strong in the face of adversity, and disregard the chatter of those who bring negativity. This song serves as a reminder that true success is achieved by staying true to oneself, working hard, and not allowing anyone or anything to hinder progress. So, the next time you listen to “Monopoly,” let it inspire you to take charge and conquer the world.

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