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The Meaning Behind The Song: Mirror Mirror by MAN WITH A MISSION

The Meaning Behind The Song: Mirror Mirror by MAN WITH A MISSION

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As I sit here listening to the powerful and captivating song, “Mirror Mirror” by MAN WITH A MISSION, I can’t help but reflect on the profound meaning behind its powerful lyrics. The song, released on February 10, 2016, is the ninth track on their album “The World’s on Fire.” Its raw emotion and introspective nature make it a standout piece in their discography.

Verse 1

The song starts with a feeling of familiarity, with the same old creature knocking on the protagonist’s door. The lyrics depict the struggle of trying not to give in to this constant demand for more. The lines “What a shame everything’s a waste of time, What a shame you’re the same so nevermind, You’re so pathetic like me, pathetic and so blind” convey a sense of frustration and self-deprecation.


The chorus serves as a powerful declaration of independence and self-reliance. The protagonist proclaims their resilience, stating that they don’t need anyone’s “medicine” and long for something genuine. They urge people to speak their minds and ask the mirror to reveal the world where they truly belong. It’s a declaration of freedom from external opinions and a search for authenticity.

Verse 2

The second verse takes a deeper dive into the protagonist’s self-reflection. They explore the blurry boundaries between reality and deception, uncertain about what to trust. They acknowledge their past tendencies to believe in illusions, yet express a newfound freedom to go anywhere and embrace their authenticity.

Bridge and Pre-Chorus

The bridge and pre-chorus contribute to the song’s thematic exploration. The lyrics emphasize the presence of the same old creature, persistently knocking on the protagonist’s door and demanding more. The repetition highlights the internal struggle faced by the protagonist, striving to resist the call of conformity and external pressures.

Reflecting on the lyrics of “Mirror Mirror,” I can’t help but relate to its message. Like the protagonist, I have encountered moments when I felt trapped by societal expectations and unsure of my own identity. The song resonates with my personal experiences of seeking authenticity and questioning the validity of external influences.

MAN WITH A MISSION’s “Mirror Mirror” is a powerful anthem that encourages self-reflection and the pursuit of individuality. It reminds us to resist the pressures of conformity and embrace our true selves, irrespective of societal standards. This song serves as a reminder that we have the power to break free from the constraints that hold us back.

So the next time I find myself in need of inspiration or reassurance, I will turn to “Mirror Mirror” by MAN WITH A MISSION. Its empowering message will remind me to stay true to myself and to embrace the unique person I am.

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