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The Meaning Behind The Song: Message by Jamie Woon

The Meaning Behind The Song: Message by Jamie Woon

Introduction to “Message” by Jamie Woon

Music has a way of touching our souls and invoking emotions within us. It can speak to us on a personal level and resonate with our experiences. In today’s article, I want to explore the meaning behind the song “Message” by the talented British singer-songwriter, Jamie Woon.

Personal Connection

As a devoted fan of Jamie Woon, I have always found solace in his music. “Message” is one of those songs that has left a lasting impact on me, with its beautiful lyrics and introspective themes. The song has a certain depth that reflects the human emotions we often grapple with.

[Verse 1] “Message from the victor via satellite
Well, it’s nice to know I’m doing something right
Guess it’s my lucky night
Message from the leader on the giant screen
We need to talk about the way that it could be
In 2023″

These opening lines paint a picture of a futuristic society where communication is delivered through advanced technology. They hint at the protagonist receiving messages, possibly from influential figures, affirming that they are on the right path. It raises questions about the significance of external validation and the desire to be recognized for our endeavors.

[Chorus] “Oh
Waiting for the start to go
Waiting for the wind to blow
Right through my ache and hunger
Waiting for some heart to show
Waiting for the grass to grow
I’m coming up from under”

The chorus portrays a sense of longing and anticipation. It captures the feeling of waiting for something to happen, symbolizing the protagonist’s hunger for personal growth and improvement. Jamie Woon’s mesmerizing voice brings out the emotional depth of the lyrics, making it relatable to anyone who has ever felt stuck in their journey.

[Bridge] “I have to say that it was all I could do to decide
When I was with it I was playing ahead of the time
Made a start and I was walking to weather the stone
But if you look up and you stop…
The later you wait, you’re missing the waterfall
Where did it go?
No, not a lot is so well-defined now
No medicine to know it all
I reach out for lightness in the eyes”

The bridge delves deeper into the protagonist’s introspection. It reflects upon the choices made and the struggles faced in pursuing personal aspirations. The lyrics hint at the passage of time and the constant need to adapt to an ever-changing world. The search for clarity and a sense of purpose is highlighted, as the protagonist reaches out for a glimmer of hope in the midst of uncertainty.


“Message” by Jamie Woon is a thought-provoking song that delves into themes of longing, self-reflection, and the search for personal fulfillment. Its captivating lyrics and haunting melody make it a standout track from Woon’s album “Making Time.” The song resonates with listeners, reminding us to embrace our journey, navigate the unknown, and find solace in the small moments of lightness.

Whether you’re a fan of Jamie Woon or just discovering his music, “Message” is a must-listen that will touch your heart and provoke introspection. Soothing and introspective, it serves as a reminder that music has the power to evoke emotions and connect us on a deeper level.

Give “Message” a listen and let yourself get lost in the profound meaning woven into Jamie Woon’s beautiful composition.

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