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The Meaning Behind The Song: MERLOT by Smino

The Meaning Behind The Song: MERLOT by Smino


I first heard this song at a friend’s house, playing softly in the background as we sat around, enjoying each other’s company. From the moment I heard the smooth and mellow beat, I was captivated. As the lyrics unfolded, I realized that “MERLOT” by Smino had a deeper meaning that resonated with me.

The Lyrics

Smino begins the song with a catchy intro, setting the tone for what’s to come. He mentions popping that “shit” and sipping on that Merlot, a red wine known for its rich flavor and smoothness. The lyrics represent indulgence, pleasure, and sometimes even recklessness.

In the chorus, Smino uses the phrase “The blacker the berry, the blacker the be-Merlot.” This line plays with the idea of the deeper and more intense flavors of both blackberries and the dark red wine. It suggests that the darker or more complex something is, the more enticing and alluring it can be.

Smino continues with verses that feature clever wordplay and imagery. He mentions “Fenty,” referring to Rihanna’s popular makeup brand, and contrasts it with “Marilyn Merlot,” a reference to Marilyn Monroe’s iconic status and the allure of that particular wine. These references illustrate the conflicting desires for simplicity and luxury in his life.

The song also touches on Smino’s experiences and travels. He mentions playing shows in Europe and attending his nephew’s party in St. Louis. These personal anecdotes give a glimpse into his life as a musician and the challenges of balancing fame and family.

The Meaning Behind the Song

At its core, “MERLOT” celebrates indulgence and the pursuit of pleasure. It explores the desire for escapism and the consequences that can come from embracing it. Smino’s lyrics depict a mixture of self-awareness and the acceptance of life’s contradictions.

By using Merlot as a metaphor throughout the song, Smino highlights the complexity and allure of certain experiences. Drinking Merlot represents indulging in life’s pleasures, whether it’s through music, relationships, or personal vices. It’s about finding moments of bliss and allowing oneself to dive into them.

In Conclusion

“MERLOT” by Smino is more than just a catchy song. Its lyrics take listeners on a journey through desire, self-reflection, and the pursuit of pleasure. Smino’s clever wordplay and personal anecdotes paint a vivid picture of a life filled with contradictions, joys, and the struggles of fame.

This song reminds me that life is all about balance. It’s about appreciating the moments of pleasure while acknowledging the consequences and responsibilities that come with indulgence. Smino’s “MERLOT” is a reminder to embrace life’s complexities and find beauty in the indulgent moments that make it uniquely ours.


Produced By: Monte Booker

Written By: Monte Booker & Smino

Mixing Engineer: L10MixedIt

Release Date: November 8, 2018

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