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The Meaning Behind The Song: Memnun Oldum by Zuhal Olcay

The Meaning Behind The Song: Memnun Oldum by Zuhal Olcay

As a Music Technician, I have come across various songs that have touched my heart and soul in different ways. Today, I want to share the meaning and significance behind the song “Memnun Oldum” by Zuhal Olcay. This song holds a special place in my heart, as it reminds me of a beautiful memory from my past.

I remember stumbling upon this song at a friend’s house. It was a calm and peaceful evening, and as the song started playing, I was captivated by its enchanting melody and heartfelt lyrics. The song begins with the following lines:

“Nereden bilebilirdim ki
O gece bir arkadaşın doğum gününde
Tanımadığım kalabalıkta
Sizi göreceğimi bir anıt gibi karşımda”

These verses beautifully capture the feeling of an unexpected encounter with someone special. The narrator expresses their astonishment and disbelief at seeing the person they have been longing for in a crowd of strangers. It is a moment that feels almost like a monument, etched into their memory forever.

The chorus of the song further intensifies the emotions, as it repeats:

“Eller, eller, eller… Elleriniz
Yüzler, yüzler, yüzler… Gözleriniz
Memnun oldum memnun oldum diyenler
Memnun oldum diyen sesiniz”

These lines highlight the significance of physical touch and eye contact in forming a connection with another person. The narrator expresses their immense happiness and gratitude towards the other person for saying, “I am pleased to meet you,” in the most genuine and captivating way.

Moving on to the second verse, the song takes a deeper dive into the whirlwind of emotions the narrator experiences:

“Hayalet yüzler ve uzanan eller
Sessiz sözsüz selamlar arasında
Yaklaştım size bir kurban gibi
Sonsuz basamakları tırmanırcasına”

Here, the narrator describes the scene as filled with ghostly faces and reaching hands, amidst silent greetings. They approach the other person with a sacrificial demeanor, as if climbing infinite steps towards them. The intensity of their emotions is accompanied by a sense of vulnerability and longing.

The song concludes with a skit, where the narrator reveals their fear of falling and losing themselves. However, they are determined to hold on and not collapse. The song then ends with a final chorus, reaffirming the narrator’s pleasure in meeting the other person.

“Bir içki içer miydim? İçerdim
Sigara kullanır mıydım? Evet
Bir de adım vardı elbette
Herkesin bir adı olduğuna göre
Vesaire, vesaire, vesaire…”

These closing lines depict the narrator’s acknowledgement of their own existence and individuality. They give consent to indulging in life’s simple pleasures, such as having a drink or smoking a cigarette. The mention of their name signifies that they are no longer just another face in the crowd but an individual with their own unique identity.

“Memnun Oldum” was released as part of Zuhal Olcay’s album “Küçük Bir Öykü Bu” in 1989. The song portrays the raw emotions and vulnerability of meeting someone unexpectedly, leaving a lasting impact on the listener’s heart.

In conclusion, “Memnun Oldum” is a beautiful Turkish song that captures the essence of unexpected encounters, the significance of physical connection, and the range of emotions that come with it. Its enchanting melody and heartfelt lyrics make it a timeless piece, capable of evoking deep emotions within the listener.

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