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The Meaning Behind The Song: Marie Marie by Shakin’ Stevens


The Meaning Behind The Song: Marie Marie by Shakin’ Stevens

Marie Marie is a popular song by British rock and roll artist Shakin’ Stevens. Released in 1980, it quickly became one of his biggest hits, reaching the top 10 in the UK charts. While the song is often associated with catchy melodies and energetic performances, it also carries a deeper meaning that resonates with listeners.

The lyrics of “Marie Marie” tell the story of a man captivated by a mysterious woman named Marie. The protagonist finds himself infatuated with Marie’s charm and allure, longing for her to reciprocate his affection. The song portrays the struggle of unrequited love, exploring themes of desire, admiration, and the pain of longing.

Throughout the song, Shakin’ Stevens’ soulful voice and heartfelt delivery bring out the emotions behind the lyrics. The combination of his passionate vocals and the energetic rock and roll instrumentation reinforces the intensity of the protagonist’s feelings. “Marie Marie” has a timeless quality and continues to resonate with fans who can relate to the complex emotions depicted in the song.

Frequently Asked Questions about “Marie Marie”

1. Who wrote the song “Marie Marie”?

The song “Marie Marie” was written by Dave Alvin, a talented American singer-songwriter. Originally recorded by his band The Blasters, Shakin’ Stevens’ version helped popularize the song and introduced it to a wider audience.

2. Why is “Marie Marie” considered one of Shakin’ Stevens’ signature songs?

“Marie Marie” is often considered one of Shakin’ Stevens’ signature songs because of its popularity and widespread recognition. The song’s catchy melody, heartfelt lyrics, and energetic performance perfectly showcase his unique blend of rock and roll with a touch of rockabilly.

3. What is the significance of the song’s title?

The title “Marie Marie” refers to the name of the woman who serves as the inspiration for the song. It highlights her importance in the protagonist’s life and symbolizes his longing for her affection.

4. Has “Marie Marie” been covered by other artists?

Yes, “Marie Marie” has been covered by various artists over the years. Some notable covers include the version by The Blasters, the original writers of the song, as well as interpretations by artists like Ronnie Hawkins and The Jumpin’ Five.

5. What is the overall musical style of “Marie Marie”?

“Marie Marie” showcases a lively blend of rock and roll and rockabilly. The song’s energetic rhythm, twangy guitars, and uptempo beat create an infectious sound that is characteristic of Shakin’ Stevens’ music.

6. How did “Marie Marie” perform on the charts?

“Marie Marie” achieved commercial success upon its release, peaking at number 9 on the UK Singles Chart. The song’s popularity helped establish Shakin’ Stevens as a prominent figure in the rock and roll scene.

7. What other notable songs has Shakin’ Stevens released?

Shakin’ Stevens has released several hit songs throughout his career, including “This Ole House,” “Green Door,” “You Drive Me Crazy,” and “Oh Julie.” These songs, along with “Marie Marie,” contributed to his success as a rock and roll artist.

8. Did “Marie Marie” receive critical acclaim?

“Marie Marie” was generally well-received by both critics and fans. Its infectious melody, heartfelt lyrics, and energetic performance were praised for their ability to captivate listeners.

9. Are there any live performances of “Marie Marie” available?

Yes, various live performances of “Marie Marie” by Shakin’ Stevens can be found online. These performances highlight his captivating stage presence and the zeal with which he delivers the song.

10. Has “Marie Marie” been featured in any films or TV shows?

While “Marie Marie” hasn’t been prominently featured in films or TV shows, it has been included in some soundtracks and compilations. The song’s timeless appeal has made it a popular choice for nostalgic music collections.

11. What impact did “Marie Marie” have on Shakin’ Stevens’ career?

“Marie Marie” played a significant role in propelling Shakin’ Stevens’ career to new heights. The song’s success helped solidify his status as a prominent rock and roll artist and paved the way for further achievements in his musical journey.

12. What makes “Marie Marie” a beloved song among fans?

Fans adore “Marie Marie” for its catchy melody, relatable lyrics, and the raw emotions conveyed in Shakin’ Stevens’ performance. The song captures the essence of unrequited love and resonates with listeners who have experienced similar emotions in their own lives.

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