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The Meaning Behind The Song: Magic by Jah Cure

The Meaning Behind The Song: Magic by Jah Cure

I remember the first time I heard “Magic” by Jah Cure. I was instantly captivated by the smooth reggae rhythm and the heartfelt lyrics. The song speaks to the profound impact someone can have on your life, even for a brief moment, and the longing for them to stay longer.

Jah Cure starts the song by expressing his appreciation for the person he’s singing about. He cherishes every moment they are together and describes each second as golden. It’s evident that this person brings immense joy and happiness into his life, comparing it to the enchantment of Disney World. He wishes they could stay longer, but unfortunately, just like magic, they were gone.

The lyrics convey a sense of longing and desire for this person to stay with him. There is a beautiful vulnerability in Jah Cure’s words as he expresses his wish for this person to be his lover, further emphasizing the deep connection they share. He longs for their light to continue illuminating his life like the magical experience of being in Disney World.

In the song’s bridge, Jah Cure acknowledges the significance of this person in his life. He had to pursue them because he knew he had to be with them. There is a sense of determination and commitment in his words, highlighting the importance of their presence.

Tory Lanez, featured in the song’s second verse, echoes Jah Cure’s sentiments. He expresses that this person also desires to give themselves up and live life to the fullest with him. He envisions sharing the wealth they accumulate and building a life together. Tory Lanez emphasizes their connection and the allure of this person’s presence in the city.

The third verse speaks to the longing Jah Cure feels in the absence of this person. He references the passage of time and the longing to reunite. Jah Cure emphasizes his authenticity as a lover, highlighting that he offers genuine affection and a real connection. He desires to hear this person’s presence in the bedroom, emphasizing the intimate and passionate nature of their relationship.

Overall, “Magic” is a heartfelt song that delves into the emotions and longing associated with experiencing a profound connection with someone. Jah Cure’s smooth vocals and the reggae rhythm create a perfect blend that allows the emotions conveyed in the lyrics to resonate deeply with listeners.

Album title: Royal Soldier (2019)

The line “I wish you would stay longer, light up my life like Disney World” is sampled from Jah Cure’s mentor and reggae great, Beres Hammond. Beres sang it in his 90s classic, “A Little More Time.” This adds another layer of meaning to the song, as it pays homage to the reggae roots and influences that have shaped Jah Cure’s musical journey.

As with many songs, “Magic” is a deeply personal experience for both the artist and the listeners. It taps into the universal emotions of love, longing, and the desire for someone’s presence in our lives. Whether you’ve experienced a similar connection or simply appreciate the heartfelt lyrics and infectious rhythm, “Magic” by Jah Cure is a song that resonates on many levels.


Written By: Siccature Alcock, Rory Patrick Bowe, Hugh Hammond, Donovan Germain, Tory Lanez & Christopher Carey

Release Date: August 30, 2019

Samples: “A Little More Time” by Beres Hammond

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