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The Meaning Behind The Song: Ma Achi – מה אחי by Shekel

The Meaning Behind The Song: Ma Achi – מה אחי by Shekel


Music has the power to touch our souls and evoke emotions within us. Each song carries a unique meaning, and one such song that has resonated with many listeners is “Ma Achi” by Shekel. This powerful and thought-provoking track delves into themes of self-discovery, rebellion, and the desire for personal freedom. As a listener, I have found this song to be deeply relatable, and its lyrics have struck a chord within me.

Lyrics Analysis:

The song begins with Cohen’s introspective verse, where he expresses his restlessness and discontentment with the mundane aspects of life. He yearns for something more, something beyond the ordinary. This sentiment is immediately followed by Shekel’s catchy chorus, where he poses the question, “Tell me, my brother, what do you say?” This line invites introspection and encourages listeners to reflect on their own desires and aspirations.

In the first verse, Shekel dives deeper into his own identity. He proudly declares his origins, mentioning that he is from Tel Aviv. He also addresses the criticisms and accusations thrown at him, emphasizing his individuality and independence. He showcases his rebellious spirit and highlights that he doesn’t conform to societal expectations. Shekel’s confident delivery and wordplay make this verse particularly impactful.

In the second verse, Cohen takes the lead once again, highlighting the frustrations and disillusionment he feels with the world. He compares life to a movie that doesn’t feel genuine, and he admits to feeling indifferent and detached. Cohen’s lyrics explore the challenges of finding meaning and truth in a world filled with deception and superficiality.

Personal Connection:

As a listener, I resonate deeply with the themes presented in “Ma Achi.” This song serves as a reminder of our inherent desire for authenticity and the struggle to find our place in the world. It captures the restlessness many of us experience and the constant search for meaning and purpose.

Personally, “Ma Achi” has become a source of inspiration and a reminder to remain true to myself, even in the face of societal expectations and pressures. It encourages me to embrace my individuality and to continually question the status quo. This song has been a companion in my journey of self-discovery and has given me the strength to pursue my passions without compromise.

Additional Information:

“Ma Achi” is part of Shekel’s album titled “Yeled Parpar,” which was released on June 16, 2019. The album features a collaboration between Shekel and Cohen, with both artists contributing to the songwriting process. The cover art design for the album was done by Shekel and Hen Macabi, adding a visual element that complements the music.

The song also samples “Wallama Ma – וולמה מה?” by Takhles, featuring Insulting Gabriel. This sampling adds depth to the track and showcases the artists’ ability to incorporate different elements into their music.

In conclusion, “Ma Achi” by Shekel is a powerful song that explores themes of self-discovery, rebellion, and the pursuit of personal freedom. Its lyrics resonate with listeners who yearn for authenticity and question societal norms. This song has left a lasting impact on me and has become a testament to the power of music in connecting with our emotions and inspiring personal growth.

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