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The Meaning Behind The Song: Lungs by Javi Reina; Rousseau

The Meaning Behind The Song: Lungs by Javi Reina; Rousseau


I have always been fascinated by the power of music to convey emotions and tell stories. There are certain songs that resonate deeply with us, connecting us to memories, experiences, and feelings. One such song for me is “Lungs” by Javi Reina and Rousseau. In this article, I would like to explore the meaning behind this powerful song and share some personal experiences related to it.

The Lyrics

The lyrics of “Lungs” by Javi Reina and Rousseau are filled with emotion and frustration. The song portrays a relationship that has gone sour, where one person feels used and mistreated. It highlights the actions of the other person and their disregard for the feelings of the protagonist. Lines such as “Ain’t about the things you said that make me blue, Ain’t about that stuff that makes me feel so used,” express the hurt and disappointment caused by the words and actions of the other person.

The chorus of the song is particularly powerful, with the repetition of the phrase “We screaming aloud from top of our lung.” This line symbolizes the release of pent-up emotions and the need to speak out and express oneself, even if it means shouting from the top of one’s lungs. It reflects the frustration and desperation felt by the protagonist, wanting to be heard and understood.

Personal Connection

Listening to “Lungs” takes me back to a time in my life when I was in a toxic relationship. The lyrics perfectly captured the emotions I was feeling at that time – the frustration, the disappointment, and the need to be heard. It became my anthem, representing my journey of finding my voice and standing up for myself.

The bridge of the song, “If I can go back to the point where things went bad, to change the course of that, maybe we will be bound to each other,” resonated with me deeply. It made me reflect on the choices I had made and the possibility of redirecting the relationship towards a healthier path. It served as a reminder that relationships require effort from both sides and that sometimes going back to the beginning can offer a fresh start.


“Lungs” by Javi Reina and Rousseau is a powerful song that explores the emotions and frustrations often experienced in relationships. Its lyrics convey the need to be heard and understood, while also highlighting the importance of taking control of one’s own happiness. Personally, this song holds a special place in my heart as it represents a time of growth and self-discovery. It serves as a reminder that our voices matter, and that sometimes shouting from the top of our lungs is necessary for our own well-being.

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