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The Meaning Behind The Song: Lovely to Look At by Smith Ballew


The Meaning Behind The Song: “Lovely to Look At” by Smith Ballew

The song “Lovely to Look At” was originally written by composer Jerome Kern and lyricists Dorothy Fields and Jimmy McHugh for the 1935 musical film “Roberta.” It was performed by Smith Ballew, an American actor, singer, and bandleader. This timeless classic has remained popular throughout the years and has been covered by various artists.

The song depicts a profound admiration for the captivating beauty of a person. It celebrates the aesthetic appeal of an individual, emphasizing their stunning physical features that stimulate the senses. The lyrics convey the enchantment experienced when encountering someone truly visually striking. It portrays the sentiment of falling in love at first sight and being utterly captivated by the remarkable presence of another.

Frequently Asked Questions About “Lovely to Look At”

1. Who originally sang “Lovely to Look At”?

Smith Ballew was the original performer of “Lovely to Look At” in the 1935 film “Roberta.” He was renowned for his smooth vocals and was well-known in the entertainment industry during that era.

2. What is the background of the song “Lovely to Look At”?

“Lovely to Look At” was composed by Jerome Kern, with lyrics by Dorothy Fields and Jimmy McHugh. It was specifically written for the film “Roberta,” starring Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. The song became an instant hit and has since become a cherished standard in the Great American Songbook.

3. Who have covered “Lovely to Look At”?

Over the years, many talented artists have covered “Lovely to Look At,” showcasing their own interpretations of the song. Some notable renditions include those by Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Rosemary Clooney, and Nat King Cole. Each artist brings their unique style and vocal prowess to the song, making it their own while honoring the beauty of the original composition.

4. How did “Lovely to Look At” contribute to the success of the film “Roberta”?

“Lovely to Look At” played a significant role in the success of the film “Roberta.” The captivating melody and heartfelt lyrics captured the hearts of audiences, leaving a lasting impact. The song became synonymous with the film and was embraced by music lovers worldwide, further cementing the movie’s popularity.

5. What emotions and themes does “Lovely to Look At” evoke?

The song evokes emotions of awe, infatuation, and admiration. It celebrates the beauty that resonates both visually and emotionally. The themes of love at first sight, the enchantment of physical appearances, and the delight in discovering someone truly captivating are conveyed through the lyrics and the melody.

6. How does “Lovely to Look At” fit into the broader context of musical theater?

“Lovely to Look At” is considered a classic example of a romantic ballad from the Golden Age of musical theater. It exemplifies the elegance and sophistication of that era’s show tunes. The song showcases the collaboration between highly regarded musical talents, including lyricists, composers, and performers, that was characteristic of the time.

7. What makes the lyrics of “Lovely to Look At” stand out?

The lyrics of “Lovely to Look At” stand out due to their poetic nature and vivid imagery. They beautifully describe the irresistible allure of an individual, painting a captivating picture through words. The elegant and timeless quality of the lyrics adds to the song’s appeal and longevity.

8. How has “Lovely to Look At” remained relevant throughout the years?

The universal theme of recognizing and appreciating beauty ensures the song’s continued relevance. Additionally, the enduring melody and the song’s association with the iconic film “Roberta” have contributed to its longevity. Artists and musicians continue to be inspired by “Lovely to Look At,” resulting in numerous cover versions that introduce the song to new generations.

9. Has “Lovely to Look At” received any notable recognition or awards?

While “Lovely to Look At” did not receive any notable awards upon its release, its enduring popularity and inclusion in various compilations and tribute albums serve as a testament to its acclaim. The song’s impact and recognition primarily stem from its widespread admiration among music enthusiasts and its continued presence in the musical repertoire of numerous artists.

10. Can “Lovely to Look At” be considered a romantic anthem?

Yes, “Lovely to Look At” is often celebrated as a romantic anthem due to its heartfelt lyrics and melodic arrangement. The song’s sentiment of being captivated by physical beauty connects with listeners on an emotional level, making it an evocative choice for romantic moments and declarations of love.

11. How does “Lovely to Look At” resonate with listeners today?

“Lovely to Look At” continues to resonate with listeners today by evoking emotions of admiration and enchantment. Its timeless lyrics and melodic beauty make it a favorite among fans of classic musical theater. The song’s ability to transport listeners to a world of elegance and allure makes it an iconic piece that stands the test of time.

12. Are there any notable live performances of “Lovely to Look At”?

Over the years, numerous notable live performances of “Lovely to Look At” have taken place. Famous artists like Tony Bennett, Harry Connick Jr., and Michael Bublé have included the song in their concert repertoire, thrilling audiences with their renditions. The song’s impact is further emphasized when experienced in a live setting, showcasing the talent and charisma of the performers.

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