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The Meaning Behind The Song: Love For The Lonely by Jasmine Thompson

The Meaning Behind The Song: Love For The Lonely by Jasmine Thompson


When it comes to music, there are certain songs that resonate deeply with us, touching our hearts and speaking to our souls. One such song is “Love For The Lonely” by Jasmine Thompson. This hauntingly beautiful track carries profound lyrics that evoke emotions of longing, vulnerability, and the universal desire to be loved.

The Lyrics

The lyrics of “Love For The Lonely” capture the essence of a troubled and complex relationship. The song portrays the feeling of being with someone physically, yet feeling distant and disconnected emotionally. Thompson sings, “When we lie in bed with our eyes shut, Body to body as we touch, You could be anyone, You could be somebody else.” These words convey the emptiness and uncertainty that often accompanies such a relationship.

The pre-chorus dives deeper into the conflicting emotions experienced by Thompson, as she sings, “And I’m ashamed baby, ’cause I’ve been in pain lately, Oh, and I don’t know why I’m staying the night, I should be leaving, ’cause I don’t even believe it, But I need you tonight.” This segment exposes the internal struggle of staying in a relationship that may not be fulfilling or healthy, yet clinging to it out of the need for companionship.

The chorus, “This is love for the lonely, The one where you never know me, ‘Cause I’m unbreakable, And you could be anyone,” encapsulates the central theme of the song. It explores the idea that sometimes, in our quest for love, we settle for relationships where we are not truly known or understood. We become unbreakable, building walls around ourselves to protect against further heartbreak, yet never truly letting someone in.

In the second verse, Thompson continues to paint a picture of a relationship fueled by temporary moments and fleeting emotions. She sings, “We only talk when you’re wasted, You always claim I’m complacent, I swear, it’s nothing that you’ve done, It’s just that I start feeling numb.” These lines underscore the reliance on escapism and the struggle to maintain genuine connection.

The Personal Connection

“Love For The Lonely” strikes a personal chord with many listeners, including myself. It speaks to the longing for genuine connection, the fear of being alone, and the vulnerability that comes with opening ourselves up to love. As Thompson poignantly expresses her experiences within the lyrics, it allows listeners to connect on a deeper level, finding solace in knowing that their emotions are not isolated but shared by many.

In my own life, I have encountered relationships where I felt disconnected and unseen, yet still clung to them out of fear of being alone. This song serves as a reminder that settling for a relationship that does not fulfill or nourish our souls can be detrimental to our well-being. It encourages self-reflection and self-love, reminding us that we deserve authenticity and genuine connection.

The Collaborators

“Love For The Lonely” is not only an emotional masterpiece but also showcases the talent and collaborative efforts of various artists. The song was written by Jasmine Thompson, Nina Nesbitt, and Jordan Riley, who beautifully translated their own experiences into lyrics that resonate with many.

The background vocals by Nina Nesbitt add another layer of depth and beauty to the song, enhancing the emotional impact of Thompson’s voice. The string arrangements by Pete Whitfield, featuring violinists Sarah Brandwood-Spencer, Pete Whitfield, and Natalie Purton, bring a haunting and enchanting quality to the track.

Manny Marroquin, a highly acclaimed mixing engineer, has seamlessly blended the different elements of the song to create a sonically captivating experience. The mastering engineer, Chris Gehringer, adds the final touches, ensuring the song sounds polished and resonates with listeners.


In conclusion, “Love For The Lonely” by Jasmine Thompson is a captivating song that delves into the complexities of relationships and the longing for authentic connection. The lyrics and emotional delivery by Thompson evoke a sense of vulnerability that resonates with listeners on a profound level. Through personal reflection and shared experiences, this song serves as a reminder to prioritize self-love and strive for genuine connections in our lives.

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