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The Meaning Behind The Song: Lost Cause In Paradise by Wishbone Ash

The Meaning Behind The Song: “Lost Cause In Paradise” by Wishbone Ash


I first heard the enchanting melodies of “Lost Cause In Paradise” by Wishbone Ash many years ago. I remember stumbling upon this song at a friend’s house, where we would spend countless hours exploring the depths of music. From the moment the first chord struck, I was captivated by its haunting beauty. As I delved deeper into the lyrics, I discovered a profound meaning behind this soul-stirring composition.

Exploring the Lyrics

“They were fair and they were blond, laughing loud and singing songs, hoping for the best in life, heading for a paradise.” These opening lines paint a picture of innocence and optimism, describing individuals embarking on a journey towards their own version of paradise. The imagery evokes a sense of joy and anticipation, as they embrace life’s possibilities.

But the lyrics take an unexpected turn: “In the flash of an eye was born, what would grow to become a storm, when the fountain of youth was sprung, lost and gone, everyone.” Here, Wishbone Ash highlights the fleeting nature of youth and the inevitable storms that life throws our way. The metaphorical “fountain of youth” symbolizes the dreams and aspirations we hold dear, only to see them slip away as we grow older.

“In the man is the child alive, to know and feel how to survive. But the world was as cold as ice, when they looked for paradise.” These lines hold a deep introspection, suggesting that even in adulthood, there exists a yearning to hold onto our childlike innocence and the resilience to navigate through life’s challenges. The juxtaposition of a cold and unforgiving world against the search for paradise brings forth a sense of longing and disappointment.

“Love in hand, the first to fight, the golden dawn was a nasty sight. The world turns as cold as ice, lost cause in paradise.” Here, Wishbone Ash explores the themes of love and conflict. The golden dawn, often symbolizing hope and new beginnings, is tainted by the harsh realities of life. The world, once again depicted as cold as ice, draws attention to the disillusionment experienced when love and paradise seem elusive.

The repetition of the opening lines in the concluding verse reinforces the underlying message of the song: “They were fair, and they were blond, laughing loud and singing songs, but the world was as cold as ice, lost cause in paradise.” The cyclical nature of the lyrics highlights the perpetual struggle between hope and disillusionment, reminding us that paradise can sometimes be a lost cause in the face of life’s harsh realities.

The Musical Journey

“Lost Cause In Paradise” is a track from Wishbone Ash’s album “Here to Hear,” released in 1989. As pioneers of the twin guitar harmony, Wishbone Ash infuses this song with their signature melodic and intricate guitar work. The blend of acoustic and electric guitars creates a beautiful tapestry of sound, reinforcing the emotional impact of the lyrics. Each note seems to resonate with the themes of hope, longing, and disappointment, making this song an unforgettable musical journey.


“Lost Cause In Paradise” by Wishbone Ash is a song that resonates deeply with those who have experienced the highs and lows of life. Its introspective lyrics and captivating melodies remind us of the fleeting nature of dreams, the resilience required to navigate through life’s storms, and the ever-present search for paradise. This timeless composition continues to captivate audiences, offering solace and understanding in the face of life’s challenges.

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