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The Meaning Behind The Song: London by Jacquees

The Meaning Behind The Song: London by Jacquees

I have always been a fan of Jacquees and his smooth R&B style. One of his songs that has really resonated with me is “London”. The lyrics of this song speak to the desires and emotions that come with being in a new romantic relationship.

The song starts off with Jacquees setting the scene, it’s 2 o’clock and he’s trying to find the girl he’s interested in. He’s dressed up and driving his drop-top, clearly wanting to make a good impression. He reaches out to her because she has that special vibe that has caught his attention. He wants to take a chance with her and have a fun night together.

The pre-chorus further explores their connection. Jacquees describes a scenario where they are intimate and vulnerable with each other. He asks if she will join him in the shower, a symbol of their closeness and trust. He wants to spend hours talking and enjoying each other’s company, showing that he values her opinion and wants to build a deeper connection.

The chorus highlights the casual nature of their relationship. Jacquees makes it clear that they don’t need to rush into anything serious. He understands that other guys might have made her feel a certain way in the past, but he wants to be the one who keeps it real and takes care of her. He wants to be the one who pays the bills and provides for her.

The post-chorus emphasizes the importance of their physical connection. Jacquees wants her to get used to being taken care of and pampered. He doesn’t want their relationship to be solely based on household chores, he wants her to release her stress and just enjoy their time together.

Overall, “London” is a song about two people in the early stages of a relationship. It explores the desire for physical intimacy and emotional connection without the pressure of defining their relationship as something long-term. Jacquees showcases his smooth vocals and ability to convey complex emotions through his music.


Produced By: Nash B

Written By: Jacquees

Phonographic Copyright: Cash Money Records

Copyright: Cash Money Records

Label: Cash Money Records & Republic Records

Cover Art Photographer: RoyalxRae

Editor: Fareed Rip Salamah

Performed By: Jacquees

Recording Engineer: Tom Hough

Mixer: Fareed Rip Salamah

Release Date: June 15, 2018

London Interpolations: “Persian Rugs (QueMix)” by Jacquees & “Your Body” by Pretty Ricky

Genre: R&B

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