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The Meaning Behind The Song: Little More Time With You by James Taylor

The Meaning Behind The Song: Little More Time With You by James Taylor


As an ardent fan of James Taylor, one of his songs that resonates deeply with me is “Little More Time With You.” Released as part of his album “Hourglass” in 1997, this beautiful ballad captures the essence of longing for a loved one’s company. In this article, I will delve into the meaning behind the lyrics of this song, exploring its themes of love, addiction, and the desire to cherish moments of connection.

Verse 1 and Chorus

The song opens with Taylor reflecting on the conflicting emotions he experiences as he prepares to leave his life and home behind. He mentions a “watchdog” observing him pack his bags, expressing the awareness that his departure will be difficult not only for himself but also for those close to him. The lyrics showcase his dilemma of forgoing the life he loves in Maine, all to pursue a different path that may come with its challenges.

The chorus encapsulates the core message of the song, emphasizing Taylor’s desire to spend just a little more time with his loved one. The repetition of “Got to spend just a little more time with you” reinforces the urgency and importance he places on this connection. It conveys a longing to nurture the relationship, suggesting that the love he shares with his partner is worth holding onto.

Verse 2

In the second verse, Taylor references his struggle with addiction. He mentions refusing cocaine and methadone, indicating his commitment to overcoming these substances. While he has made progress by abstaining from certain vices, he admits feeling like a “hopeless junkie” who cannot resist certain temptations. The metaphorical “monkey” symbolizes addiction, clinging onto him, making it difficult for him to fully let go.

Verse 3 and Chorus

The third verse portrays Taylor’s ongoing battle with staying grounded. He confesses that getting high is a coping mechanism for him, causing him to lose himself and rely on external sources for temporary relief. Despite these struggles, he recognizes the importance of spending more time with his loved one, acknowledging that walking in the light and cherishing their connection is essential.

The final chorus reaffirms the longing expressed throughout the song, emphasizing Taylor’s desire to spend more time with his partner. The repetition of the phrase “just a little more time” reinforces his plea for extended moments of togetherness, suggesting that time is a precious commodity he wishes to invest solely in their relationship.

Inspiration Behind the Song

“Little More Time With You” captures the universal longing for deeper connections in the face of life’s challenging circumstances. James Taylor’s personal struggles with addiction may have influenced the introspective nature of the lyrics. It highlights the delicate balance between personal growth and maintaining meaningful connections with loved ones.


“Little More Time With You” by James Taylor is a heartfelt song that encapsulates themes of love, addiction, and the desire to prioritize relationships. Its lyrics beautifully convey the longing to spend more time with a loved one, emphasizing the importance of cherishing and nurturing connections amidst life’s challenges. Regardless of the personal experiences that inspired this song, its universal message resonates with audiences worldwide, making it a timeless piece of music.

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