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The Meaning Behind The Song: Lion Pride by Styles P

The Meaning Behind The Song: Lion Pride by Styles P


When it comes to hip-hop, Styles P is undoubtedly one of the most influential and talented artists of his generation. His song “Lion Pride” is a powerful and thought-provoking track that delves deep into the artist’s mindset and the challenges he has faced throughout his life. Personally, this song has resonated with me on many levels, as it captures the essence of perseverance, resilience, and the desire to rise above adversities.

The Lyrics: A Deeper Insight

“Yea I stay low but you know I’m gettin’ high
Up on cloud nine when I’m dippin’ in the ride”
Styles P starts the song with a declaration of his elevated state of mind. Despite staying low-key, he finds solace in his own happiness and success, signified by the metaphorical “cloud nine.”

“Ghost or the phantom meme sittin’ on my side
When I’m slipping when you slide
You could ride the wave but don’t get caught up in the tide”
Here, the artist compares himself to the luxurious and majestic Ghost or Phantom car models. He advises listeners to follow their own path and not be swayed by the trends and influences around them.

“Me, I’m in the hotel quarter of that live lobster I and carp
We coulda went to war, but Johnny had a heart
Yea we coulda built, but Johnny had it smarts”
Styles P delves into the consequences and decisions people face. He acknowledges the possibilities of engaging in conflict but highlights the importance of choosing peace. Additionally, he admires those who make intelligent choices rather than merely exerting their power.

“Be a wise man or a live man
If you can expand, then expand your time spend
You don’t get the picture? Get a live cam
Rather hear a money machine than a nine blam”
The artist emphasizes the importance of wisdom and personal growth. He encourages listeners to make the most of their time and seek knowledge. Instead of resorting to violence or crime, Styles P showcases his preference for financial success and prosperity.

“Yea ghost wild but I’m cooled out
Neighbors with the rich folks and I ain’t trying to move out
Cause I’m only trying to move up
No aim from crack packs on the tool bus
Dope bags in the union cab”
Styles P reflects on his background and the choices he has made. Despite his wild nature, he has found peace amongst the affluent and aspires to grow and improve. The rapper acknowledges the temptations and hardships he has overcome, referencing drug-related activities as part of his past.

“I ain’t just rappin’, you salute if you knew the half
You’ll recognize my stride if you knew the path
You’ll recognize my pride if you knew the wrath
Cry like a lion, got crew eyes hard-wise
Blunt lit the only light we got on the dark rise
And I’m still on the dark side
Floor stove bright side of this shit, I’m a boss tho”
In the final verses, Styles P conveys his resilience, strength, and assertiveness. He implies that only those who truly understand his journey and experiences would fully comprehend his pride and determination. Despite the challenges he faces, he remains steadfast and determined to succeed.


“Lion Pride” by Styles P serves as a testament to the artist’s journey and mindset. The song resonates with individuals who have faced hardships and obstacles yet continue to push forward. Styles P’s powerful lyrics and personal experiences create a profound connection with listeners, reminding us to embrace our own resilience, and always strive for success and personal growth.

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