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The Meaning Behind The Song: Like a Star by Mike Krol

The Meaning Behind The Song: Like a Star by Mike Krol


I first heard the song “Like a Star” by Mike Krol on a lazy afternoon while scrolling through my friend’s playlist. Little did I know, this catchy tune would soon become one of my favorites. The simplicity of the lyrics combined with the raw emotion in Krol’s voice struck a chord deep within me.

The Lyrics

In the first verse, Krol sings, “4.2 light years away, I was slow to begin but I’m ready to fade, I’ve been alone now for my whole life.” These lines depict a sense of distance, both physical and emotional. It’s as if the protagonist feels disconnected from those around him, longing for a deeper connection.

The chorus brings out the underlying melancholy in the song, with Krol admitting, “I’m like a star, I’m burning out fast, I try to shine, but it’s never gonna last.” This introspective moment reveals a fear of impermanence and the constant struggle to leave a lasting impact. The vulnerability in these lyrics is palpable, making the song relatable on a deeply personal level.

In the second verse, Krol confesses, “I’m missing you during the days, when the morning comes, I can’t stay.” It evokes a feeling of longing for someone, perhaps a love interest or a close friend. The inability to stay and the impending sense of departure adds a layer of sorrow to the narrative.

Additional Information

“Like A Star” is a track from Mike Krol’s 2011 album, “I Hate Jazz.” This punk-infused album showcases Krol’s unique style and distinctive voice. The song gained further recognition when it was featured in the animated television show “Steven Universe” during its 4th season, specifically in the episode titled “Last One Out Of Beach City.”

This song holds different meanings for different listeners. For me, it serves as a reminder of the transient nature of life and the importance of cherishing the connections we make along the way. It reminds me to appreciate the present because, like a star, things can fade away all too soon.

Overall, “Like a Star” by Mike Krol is a beautiful composition that resonates with many. Its introspective lyrics and emotive vocals create a powerful listening experience. Whether you relate to the feelings of loneliness, impermanence, or simply enjoy the catchy melodies, this song is sure to leave a lasting impression.

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