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The Meaning Behind The Song: Let Them Know by Mabel

The Meaning Behind The Song: Let Them Know by Mabel


I first heard the song “Let Them Know” by Mabel a few months ago while browsing through a playlist on my friend’s phone. From the moment the catchy beat and Mabel’s powerful vocals hit my ears, I was captivated. This song quickly became one of my favorites, and I couldn’t help but delve into its meaning and lyrics.

The Lyrics and Empowerment

The lyrics of “Let Them Know” exude confidence, empowerment, and self-assurance. Mabel opens the song with the lines, “Nails shine like Christmas, Heels on six inches, Waist cinched, Mugler fit, You can’t have this, you can’t hit this.” These lines set the tone for the entire song, where she proudly asserts her worth and emphasizes that no one can bring her down.

In the chorus, Mabel repeatedly encourages the listener to let others know their worth and stand strong. She sings, “Let them know, Oh, baby, let them know, ‘Cause they can run they mouth, But I’ma stand and pose for you.” These powerful lines serve as a reminder that despite what others may say or do, we should always stand up for ourselves and embrace our inner strength.

Album Context

“Let Them Know” serves as the lead single for Mabel’s upcoming sophomore album, “About Last Night…”. This song sets the tone for the album, hinting at the empowering and self-assured themes that may be present throughout.

The album’s title suggests a retrospective look at a night filled with memorable experiences, both good and bad. It is exciting to anticipate how Mabel will explore these themes further in the album and what other powerful tracks await us.

Music Video and Teasers

The music video for “Let Them Know,” directed by Isaac Rentz, showcases Mabel’s visual interpretation of the song’s message. The video is vibrant, energetic, and features Mabel confidently asserting herself. It also teases the album’s title, “About Last Night…” and the second single, “Good Luck,” leaving fans eager for more.

Mabel had been teasing the track on social media in the months leading up to its release. She shared snippets on platforms like TikTok and Instagram, building excitement among her fans. I remember stumbling upon these sneak peeks and eagerly anticipating the full release.

The Collaborative Effort

“Let Them Know” is a result of a collaborative effort by songwriters Mabel, MNEK, RAYE, and producer SG Lewis. The ability to bring together talented individuals from different backgrounds and perspectives adds depth to the song’s message and ensures a captivating musical experience for the listeners.


“Let Them Know” by Mabel is not only a catchy pop anthem but also an empowering and uplifting song that resonates with listeners. Its lyrics remind us to stand tall, embrace our strength, and let others know of our worth. With its upbeat tempo and powerful vocals, this song has undoubtedly become an anthem for self-assurance and confidence.

I am eagerly looking forward to the release of Mabel’s album, “About Last Night…,” and exploring the other tracks that accompany “Let Them Know.” This song has not only become a favorite of mine but also a source of inspiration and empowerment in my own life.

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