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The Meaning Behind The Song: Le Sexe Au Telephone (Do Me Do Mix) by 11 Acorn Lane

The Meaning Behind The Song: Le Sexe Au Telephone (Do Me Do Mix) by 11 Acorn Lane

As a DJ, I’ve come across countless songs throughout my career. Some songs quickly fade away, while others leave an indelible mark on your memory. One such song that has etched its way into my heart is “Le Sexe Au Telephone (Do Me Do Mix)” by 11 Acorn Lane.

I remember stumbling upon this track at a friend’s house, and from the moment the first notes hit my ears, I was captivated. The infectious rhythm immediately drew me in, but it was the lyrics that truly captured my attention. The song explores the allure and excitement of phone sex, a topic that is often considered taboo or hidden away.

The lyrics of “Le Sexe Au Telephone” (which translates to “Sex on the Phone”) reveal a candid and playful exploration of a secret desire. The narrator confesses their love for phone sex, describing it as a way to be with someone while still being alone. They imagine their partner’s negligee, and it becomes a tantalizing thought that occupies their mind every day.

But what truly drives the narrator crazy isn’t just the physical intimacy. They want to hear their partner say those magic words, “Do me, do.” It’s the power of words and the connection they bring that is the ultimate turn-on for the narrator. It’s not about the physical act itself but rather the spoken fantasies that leave them longing for more.

The chorus of the song repeats the phrase “Do me do” in a catchy and hypnotic manner. It’s a clever way to emphasize the desire and the pleasure derived from phone sex. The mix of English and French lyrics adds to the allure and sensuality of the song, giving it a certain exotic charm.

“Le Sexe Au Telephone” challenges societal norms and explores the boundaries of our desires. It highlights the power of communication and the fantasies that can be created through mere words. It’s a refreshing take on intimacy and shows that pleasure can be found in unconventional ways.

11 Acorn Lane, the duo behind this song, masterfully blends jazz, swing, and electronic elements to create a unique and infectious sound. Released as part of their album “Swing Thing” in 2011, the song showcases their ability to push musical boundaries and create something entirely unexpected.

In conclusion, “Le Sexe Au Telephone (Do Me Do Mix)” by 11 Acorn Lane is more than just a catchy tune. It delves into the world of phone sex, shedding light on the desires that often remain unspoken. Through its captivating lyrics and infectious rhythm, the song challenges societal norms and invites listeners to explore their own fantasies. So, next time you give it a listen, let yourself be transported to a world where words have the power to ignite passion and desire.

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