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The Meaning Behind The Song: LAUDER by JID

The Meaning Behind The Song: LAUDER by JID


As a fan of rap music, I often find myself diving deeper into the lyrics of songs to uncover the true meaning behind them. One of the tracks that has captivated me recently is “LAUDER” by JID. This song, featured on his album “The Never Story,” provides a raw and introspective look into the artist’s past, dreams, and struggles.

The Lyrics

JID opens the song with the chorus, proclaiming that he is “sick as a bitch” and asserting that his flow as a Southern lyricist is often deemed mythical. The verse that follows delves into various topics, including his ambition, experiences with his friends, street encounters, and the pursuit of success.

Throughout the song, JID provides glimpses into his life, highlighting both the highs and lows. He reflects on his humble beginnings, growing up without much and having to hustle to survive. The lyrics paint a picture of a young artist who is determined to make it big in the rap industry despite facing numerous obstacles along the way.

JID also addresses the struggles faced by his community, mentioning the lack of opportunities and the need to uplift and inspire others. He expresses a desire to make his black people proud and seeks recognition for his talent and hard work.

The Personal Connection

Listening to “LAUDER” struck a chord with me due to my own personal experiences. Like JID, I come from a background where opportunities may be scarce, and the journey to success is often met with challenges. This song resonates with anyone who has dreamed of achieving greatness and overcoming their circumstances.

JID’s lyrics exude a sense of authenticity, as he shares his vulnerability and reflects on his past mistakes. This openness allows listeners to connect with him on a deeper level, as they too may have made choices they regret or faced moments of doubt.

The Message

Ultimately, “LAUDER” emphasizes the importance of resilience, self-belief, and determination. JID’s lyrical prowess showcases his ability to craft intricate rhymes while conveying heartfelt messages. The song serves as a reminder that no matter how difficult the journey may be, staying true to oneself and relentlessly pursuing one’s dreams can lead to triumph.


“LAUDER” is a powerful track that highlights JID’s storytelling abilities and provides a glimpse into his life and aspirations. The song’s raw and introspective lyrics resonate with listeners, inviting them to reflect on their own journeys and the challenges they have faced. JID’s talent and unique perspective shine through, making “LAUDER” a standout track on his album.


Produced By J. Cole

Written By J. Cole & JID

Publisher Universal Music Group

Author, Composer JID, Christo & J. Cole

Released by Interscope Records, Dreamville & Spillage Village

Additional Production Christo

Mixing Juro “Mez” Davis

Release Date March 10, 2017

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