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The Meaning Behind The Song: ​la di die by Nessa Barrett

The Meaning Behind The Song: ​la di die by Nessa Barrett


As a music technician, I have the opportunity to dive deep into the lyrics and emotions behind various songs. One song that has recently captivated me is “​la di die” by Nessa Barrett. This collaboration with jxdn introduces us to a grunge rock sound and explores themes of fame, mental health, and the struggle to find oneself. In this article, I will delve into the meaning behind the song, analyzing the lyrics and providing some additional information.

The Lyrics

The opening lines of the song immediately grab our attention: “Does it rain in California? Only dream I’ve ever known.” These lyrics evoke a sense of longing and a desire for something more. Nessa Barrett questions the reality of her dreams and wonders if they can truly be achieved. The line “Will they love you when you’re famous? Where you’ll never be alone” reflects the fear of isolation that often comes with fame.

The chorus further emphasizes the conflicting emotions experienced by Nessa Barrett: “La-dah-dee, oh, la-dee-dah, Gonna be a superstar, Be the girl you used to know, Playing on the radio.” These lyrics convey her aspirations to achieve greatness and be recognized for her talents. However, the following line, “Loving me is suicide,” indicates the toll that fame and constant scrutiny can have on an individual’s mental health.

In the second verse, jxdn contributes his perspective, expressing his own struggles: “All of me wants all of you, But I’m far away and I can’t choose.” These lines reflect the distance and emotional barriers that can arise in relationships when one is pursuing their dreams. The lyrics also touch on themes of depression and self-doubt, as jxdn reflects on his mistakes and the lessons he needs to learn.

The bridge of the song adds a haunting and introspective touch: “Does it rain in California, Where the angels cry for me? Want the drugs that taste like candy, And blood diamonds in my teeth.” These lyrics showcase Nessa Barrett’s desire for escapism and an alternative reality, where pain and hardship can be numbed or masked.

Additional Information

“​la di die” marks Nessa Barrett’s first release of 2021 and her first-ever collaboration. The song was highly anticipated and had been teased on both Nessa and jxdn’s TikTok accounts prior to its release. The grunge rock sound and introspective lyrics provided a refreshing departure from Nessa Barrett’s previous musical style.

The song features Jaden Hossler, also known as jxdn, and was produced by RØMANS, Leo Mellace, and Travis Barker. The collaboration of these talented musicians resulted in a powerful and emotionally charged track.

The music video, directed by Andrew Sandler, adds visual depth to the song, showcasing Nessa Barrett and jxdn in various captivating scenes. The video perfectly complements the lyrics and overall atmosphere of the song.

Personal Experience

I first heard this song on a late night drive with my friends. The haunting melody and insightful lyrics immediately caught my attention. The song resonated with me on a personal level, as I have often questioned the pursuit of dreams and the impact they have on our mental well-being. The vulnerability and rawness in Nessa Barrett and jxdn’s performances allowed me to connect with their emotions and experiences.

In conclusion, “​la di die” by Nessa Barrett is a gripping and introspective song that explores the complexities of fame, mental health, and the pursuit of dreams. The lyrics and musicality provide a platform for self-reflection and a deeper understanding of the struggles faced by artists. This collaboration is not only musically powerful but also offers a poignant commentary on the human experience.

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