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The Meaning Behind The Song: Kissin’ Cousins by Elvis Presley

The Meaning Behind The Song: Kissin’ Cousins by Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley’s song “Kissin’ Cousins” holds a special place in the hearts of many fans. Released in 1964 as the title track for the movie of the same name, this catchy tune showcases the versatility and charm of the iconic singer. But what is the true meaning behind this song? Let’s delve into the lyrics and context to uncover the story behind “Kissin’ Cousins.”

The song tells the tale of a small town in the Smoky Mountains, where the locals have a peculiar tradition of marrying their cousins. In the movie, Elvis plays a dual role as both Josh Morgan and Jodie Tatum, two look-alike cousins who create confusion and romance. While the lyrics of “Kissin’ Cousins” may appear light-hearted and playful on the surface, they actually touch upon the clash between traditional values and modern love.

FAQs about “Kissin’ Cousins”

1. What inspired Elvis Presley to record “Kissin’ Cousins”?

Elvis Presley was contracted to record songs for the movie “Kissin’ Cousins,” and it was written specifically for the film. The song aimed to capture the Southern charm and quirkiness portrayed in the storyline. Elvis’ unique voice and energetic performance added depth to the song, making it a memorable addition to his discography.

2. Was “Kissin’ Cousins” a hit?

While “Kissin’ Cousins” didn’t achieve the chart-topping success of some of Elvis’ other songs, it still managed to reach the top 20 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The catchy melody and Elvis’ distinctive vocals attracted a significant fan base, solidifying the song’s place in his repertoire.

3. Did Elvis write the song?

No, Elvis Presley did not write “Kissin’ Cousins.” The song was composed by Fred Wise and Randy Starr, who crafted the lyrics and melody specifically for the movie. Elvis, however, put his own stamp on the song with his unique interpretation and delivery.

4. What was the overall theme of the movie “Kissin’ Cousins”?

The movie “Kissin’ Cousins” revolves around the comedic chaos that ensues when two look-alike cousins, Josh Morgan and Jodie Tatum, visit a small town in the Smoky Mountains. The film explores themes of tradition, love, and identity, providing an entertaining escape for viewers.

5. Were there any controversies surrounding the song?

“Kissin’ Cousins” did not stoke any significant controversies. However, some critics argued that the song perpetuated negative stereotypes about rural communities in the South. Nonetheless, the song managed to entertain audiences and contribute to the overall success of the movie.

6. How did the song reflect the societal norms of the time?

During the early 1960s, traditional values and societal expectations played a significant role in shaping relationships and marriage. “Kissin’ Cousins” subtly addresses the clash between these traditional norms, symbolized by the town’s peculiar cousin-marriage tradition, and the emerging ideas of love and romance beyond familial ties.

7. Was the song performed live by Elvis Presley?

Yes, Elvis Presley included “Kissin’ Cousins” in his live performances during his career. He often incorporated it into his setlist, showcasing his versatility as an entertainer. Fans eagerly anticipated this lively and upbeat song, bringing a touch of charm and nostalgia to his live shows.

8. How does “Kissin’ Cousins” compare to Elvis’ other songs?

“Kissin’ Cousins” stands out as a unique addition to Elvis Presley’s extensive catalog. While it may not be one of his most well-known hits, it showcases his ability to transcend genres and deliver a memorable performance. The song’s light-hearted nature provides a refreshing contrast to Elvis’ more emotional ballads and rock ‘n’ roll anthems.

9. Did “Kissin’ Cousins” have a lasting impact?

Despite not reaching the same level of fame as some of Elvis’ other songs, “Kissin’ Cousins” remains a beloved track among his dedicated fans. Those who appreciate the versatility and charm of Elvis Presley often consider this song as an essential part of his impressive musical legacy.

10. Are there any cover versions of “Kissin’ Cousins”?

While “Kissin’ Cousins” didn’t inspire as many cover versions as some of Elvis’ other songs, various artists have interpreted and recorded their own renditions over the years. From tribute albums to live performances, these covers pay homage to the enduring appeal of the song and its connection to the iconic Elvis Presley.

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