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The Meaning Behind The Song: Kirito VS. Eren by 7 Minutoz

The Meaning Behind The Song: Kirito VS. Eren by 7 Minutoz

As a DJ, I am constantly searching for new and exciting music to share with my audience. One day, while browsing through my friend’s playlist, I stumbled upon a song that immediately caught my attention – “Kirito VS. Eren” by 7 Minutoz. Intrigued by the title, I decided to give it a listen, and I was captivated from the very first note.

The lyrics of this song are a rap battle between two popular characters in the anime world, Kirito from “Sword Art Online” and Eren from “Attack on Titan”. The rap battle serves as a medium for both characters to express their strengths, weaknesses, and perceived superiority over each other.

Kirito, known as the “espadachim Negro” (Black Swordsman), begins the battle with confidence and arrogance. He boasts about his unbeatable skills and belittles Eren, mocking his anger towards the Titans and insinuating that Eren’s mother has been consumed by them. Kirito sees Eren as a weak opponent who stands no chance against him.

Eren, on the other hand, takes the opportunity to retaliate against Kirito’s arrogance. He dismisses Kirito’s skills, claiming that he is only formidable within his virtual reality world. Eren’s lyrics also take jabs at Kirito’s controversial romantic relationship with his sister and emphasizes his own strength as a titan. Eren sees Kirito as nothing more than a joke compared to his own success and power.

Both characters continue to exchange insults and criticisms throughout the song, each trying to one-up the other. The lyrics reflect their personalities, motivations, and the worlds they come from. It’s a clash of two different anime series and the debate over who would come out on top if these characters were to face each other in a battle.

Aside from the fiery rap battle, the song also showcases the talent and creativity of the Brazilian rap duo, 7 Minutoz. The duo, formed by Lucas A.R.T. and Gabriel Rodrigues, are known for their rap battles inspired by popular culture. They have amassed a large following on YouTube, with millions of views on their rap battles.

“Kirito VS. Eren” is from their album titled “Duelo de Titãs” (Battle of Titans), released in 2013. The album featured various rap battles between iconic characters from different anime and video games.

In conclusion, “Kirito VS. Eren” by 7 Minutoz is a rap battle song that brings two beloved anime characters head-to-head in a musical showdown. The song not only entertains fans of “Sword Art Online” and “Attack on Titan” but also showcases the talent and creativity of 7 Minutoz. Whether you support Kirito or Eren, this song is an exciting and energetic addition to any playlist. So, get ready to witness an epic clash of titans in this rap battle!

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