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The Meaning Behind The Song: Keep the Ball Rollin’ by Jay and The Techniques

The Meaning Behind The Song: Keep the Ball Rollin’ by Jay and The Techniques


I remember the first time I heard “Keep the Ball Rollin’” by Jay and The Techniques. The catchy beat and infectious lyrics immediately caught my attention, and I found myself dancing and singing along without even realizing it. Little did I know at the time that this lively tune held a deeper meaning beyond its surface-level fun.

The Lyrics

“Keep the Ball Rollin’” is a song that encapsulates the essence of love and the excitement that comes with starting a new relationship. The lyrics vividly describe the thrill of a passionate kiss and the desire for more. Let’s take a closer look at the song’s lyrics:

“Keep the ball rollin’, Keep the ball rollin’
Girl, the name of the game is love
On your mark, get set, let the kissin’ start
And just Keep the ball rollin’ baby
Right into my heart”

In these verses, the singer sets the stage for a romantic encounter, urging the girl to initiate the kiss and keep the momentum going. The phrase “keep the ball rollin'” symbolizes the continuation of the passion and affection between the two individuals.

“How can you ask me to try
And get by with just one little kiss
The kissin’ you do
I need a second helping too”

These lines express the singer’s longing for more than just a single kiss. They desire an intensification of the connection, wanting to be consumed by the flames of love.

“Half of a loaf isn’t better than none when I’m starvin’ for you
Don’t hold me tight if ev’ry night we stop at two
If you want me there when you call
Then girl, it’s all or nothing next time you do”

Here, the songwriter cleverly compares love to hunger, emphasizing that settling for less is not enough when there is a craving for a deeper emotional connection. The lyrics serve as a plea to the girl to fully commit to the relationship and not leave the singer wanting for more.

The Meaning

While “Keep the Ball Rollin’” may seem like a simple love song on the surface, it carries a profound message about the importance of keeping the flame alive in a relationship. It serves as a reminder that love requires continuous effort and reciprocation to maintain its excitement and fulfillment.

The song highlights the significance of both partners actively participating in keeping the relationship vibrant and passionate. It encourages open communication, expressing desires and needs to ensure mutual happiness and longevity.


“Keep the Ball Rollin’” by Jay and The Techniques is not only a feel-good, danceable tune, but it also holds a deeper meaning about the essence of love and the efforts required to keep a relationship alive. Its upbeat tempo and catchy lyrics resonate with listeners and remind us all of the importance of nurturing our connections with loved ones.

As I continue to listen to this song, it serves as a personal reminder to invest time and energy into my own relationships, keeping the ball rollin’ and maintaining the sparks that initially brought us together.

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