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The Meaning Behind The Song: Joseph’s song – the final word album version by Michael Card

The Meaning Behind The Song: Joseph’s song – the final word album version by Michael Card

As a music teacher, I am constantly exploring new songs and artists to broaden my musical knowledge and share with my students. One song that has always fascinated me is “Joseph’s song – the final word album version” by Michael Card. I first heard this song during a music workshop, and it left a profound impact on me.

The lyrics of “Joseph’s song” tell the story of Joseph, the earthly father of Jesus, reflecting on the miraculous birth of the Son of God. The song explores the emotions and thoughts that must have overwhelmed Joseph as he held baby Jesus in his arms. The chorus captures the disbelief and amazement that Joseph felt, “How could it be this baby in my arms, sleeping now, so peacefully, the Son of God, the angel said, how could it be?”

The first chorus continues with Joseph’s realization that this child is not his own, “Lord I know He’s not my own, not of my flesh, not of my bone, still, Father let this baby be, the son of my love.” These lyrics beautifully reflect Joseph’s acceptance and willingness to embrace the divine plan that God has set forth.

In the second chorus, Joseph questions his role in this extraordinary plan. Being a simple carpenter, he wonders how he can raise a king, “Father show me where I fit into this plan of yours, how can a man be father to the Son of God? Lord for all my life, I’ve been a simple carpenter, how can I raise a king?”

The intimate and heartwarming imagery painted by the song continues as Joseph describes the physical appearance of baby Jesus, “He looks so small, his face and hands so fair.” The juxtaposition of Jesus’ innocence and the impact he has on the world is captured vividly in the next line, “And when He cries, the sun just seems to disappear. But when He laughs, it shines again.”

“Joseph’s song” beautifully portrays Joseph’s journey from disbelief to complete surrender to God’s plan. As a music teacher, I often use this song to teach my students about the power of storytelling through music. We analyze the lyrics, discuss the emotions conveyed, and explore the profound impact that this story has had on people throughout history.

Personally, this song has become a dear companion throughout my music-related career. Whenever I feel overwhelmed or unsure of my place in the world, I find solace in Joseph’s story. Just like Joseph, I am reminded to trust in the divine plan and embrace the unexpected twists and turns that life brings.

In conclusion, “Joseph’s song – the final word album version” by Michael Card is a deeply meaningful song that encapsulates the emotions and journey of Joseph, the earthly father of Jesus. Its powerful lyrics and heartfelt melody make it a timeless masterpiece that resonates not only with believers but also with anyone who appreciates the beauty and power of music.

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