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The Meaning Behind The Song: Jewelz Pt. 2 by Napoleon Da Legend

The Meaning Behind The Song: Jewelz Pt. 2 by Napoleon Da Legend


I first heard the song “Jewelz Pt. 2” by Napoleon Da Legend on a late summer evening. I remember stumbling upon this song at a friend’s house and being immediately captivated by its powerful lyrics and thought-provoking message. As a Music Technician, I am constantly searching for songs that not only have a catchy beat but also carry a deep meaning. “Jewelz Pt. 2” perfectly embodies this balance.

Verse 1: Life’s Struggles and Escaping

The song begins with Napoleon Da Legend reflecting on his journey since birth. He paints a vivid image of being evicted from his mother’s womb, shouting at the doctor who wouldn’t listen. The symbolism is clear – feeling unheard and starting life at a disadvantage. Through his poignant lyrics, Napoleon Da Legend describes a world filled with blood suckers and sharks, reflecting the harsh realities and struggles of life.

He touches upon the concept of escapism through the use of alcohol and drugs, suggesting that people often seek refuge from their pain in these vices. However, he encourages listeners to rise above this destructive cycle and find their own path in life. The imagery of watching birds fly freely in the trees serves as a metaphor for breaking free from societal constraints and pursuing one’s dreams.

Chorus: Spreading Wisdom

The chorus emphasizes the importance of sharing wisdom and knowledge. Napoleon Da Legend refers to the jewels he drops through his music, inviting everyone to grab a front-row seat to listen and learn. He aims to provoke thought and inspire his audience to question their surroundings and seek personal growth.

Verse 2: Society’s Influence and Identity

In the second verse, Napoleon Da Legend delves into the influence of society and media on our behaviors and beliefs. He criticizes the glorification of violence and the normalization of negative behavior, suggesting that it perpetuates a cycle of destruction. His lyrics also touch upon the way individuals adopt different personas, often influenced by societal expectations or trends.

He uses powerful imagery to describe his own unique style and voice, emphasizing that his level of talent and creativity cannot be matched. Napoleon Da Legend also refers to biblical references, likening himself to Moses and promising to leave a lasting impact on the world.

Verse 3: Giving Back and Challenging the System

The final verse of “Jewelz Pt. 2” shifts the focus to Napoleon Da Legend’s desire to give back and make a positive impact. He acknowledges the misleading nature of music and entertainment and takes responsibility for the little gimmicks that mislead younger generations. He highlights the corrupting nature of greed and societal control but remains hopeful that justice will prevail.

The lyrics convey a sense of rebellion and a demand for fairness. Napoleon Da Legend firmly states that what is rightfully deserved should be returned, warning that consequences will follow if it isn’t.


“Jewelz Pt. 2” by Napoleon Da Legend is more than just a song with a catchy beat. Its profound lyrics and thought-provoking message make it a true gem in the music industry. The song delves into the struggles of life, the influence of society, and the importance of spreading wisdom.

As a Music Technician, I appreciate songs that go beyond surface-level entertainment. “Jewelz Pt. 2” challenges listeners to think critically about their surroundings and seek personal growth. It is a reminder to rise above adversity, embrace one’s unique identity, and strive for positive change in the world.

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