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The Meaning Behind The Song: Jesus Our Savior by North Point Worship

The Meaning Behind The Song: Jesus Our Savior by North Point Worship

As a music enthusiast and a believer in Jesus Christ, I am always on the lookout for powerful worship songs that resonate deeply with my faith. One song that stands out among the rest is “Jesus Our Savior” by North Point Worship. It is not just the melodious tune or the captivating vocals that make this song remarkable, but it is the profound meaning behind its lyrics that truly touched my heart.

I first stumbled upon this song at a friend’s house during a small gathering. As soon as the first few chords were played, I found myself captivated by its beauty. Little did I know that this simple yet powerful song would become an anthem for my faith and a reminder of the true significance of Christmas.

The song begins with the lines, “No crowds were waiting, No royal celebration, Just a humble father, And a blessed young mother.” These lyrics immediately transport us to the humble beginnings of Jesus’ birth. Unlike other kings who enter the world amidst grandeur and fanfare, Jesus’ arrival on earth was marked by simplicity and humility. It is a striking reminder that God’s plan is often found in the most unexpected places.

The pre-chorus beautifully describes the hope and peace that emanated from the cries of a homeless king. This imagery of a newborn baby, wrapped in swaddling clothes, brings to life the incredible miracle of God becoming flesh. The birth of Jesus was a declaration of hope for humanity and a promise of peace that surpasses all understanding.

The chorus of “Jesus Our Savior” further amplifies the significance of Jesus’ birth. The angels sang, “Glory in the highest,” recognizing the divine nature of this incredible event. The wise men journeyed from far away lands, guided by a star, because they knew that Jesus was the promised Messiah. And the shepherds, with eyes full of wonder, witnessed firsthand the arrival of the long-awaited King, Jesus, our Savior.

The second verse of the song describes the holy moment when Mary and Joseph held baby Jesus closely. It is a beautiful depiction of the intimate and profound connection that they shared with the Son of God. Moreover, the lyrics highlight that all creation, from the animals in the stable to the angels in heaven, looked on in adoration.

The bridge of the song invites us to fall on our knees in reverence and awe because Jesus is here. It is a reminder that Christ is the Lord, and His presence brings hope, peace, and salvation to all who believe in Him. The repetition of “He is here, Jesus is here” stirs a sense of anticipation and excitement within our souls, reminding us of the joyous celebration that His birth brings.

As I listen to “Jesus Our Savior,” my heart is filled with gratitude and adoration for the gift of salvation that Jesus brought to the world. The lyrics serve as a profound reminder that Christmas is not just about exchanging presents and feasting on delicious meals, but it is a time to reflect on the greatest gift of all — the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

In conclusion, “Jesus Our Savior” by North Point Worship is a song that beautifully encapsulates the true essence of Christmas. It transports us back to that humble manger in Bethlehem, allowing us to witness the miracle and majesty of Jesus’ birth once again. Let us remember the angels’ proclamation, the wise men’s journey, and the shepherds’ wonder as we celebrate the birth of our King and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Album title: Ring the Bells – EP (2018)


Written By
Heath Balltzglier, Brett Stanfill & Ian York

Release Date November 16, 2018

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