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The Meaning Behind The Song: Jessica by Major Lazer

The Meaning Behind The Song: Jessica by Major Lazer

I am listening to the song “Jessica” by Major Lazer as I write this article. The catchy beats and mesmerizing lyrics have captivated me. It’s a song that takes me back to my teenage years, filled with love, fascination, and unanswered feelings.

“Jessica” is a track from Major Lazer’s album “Free the Universe,” released in 2013. The song features Ezra Koenig, the lead vocalist of Vampire Weekend. It explores the theme of young love and the overwhelming infatuation one can have for someone who may not reciprocate those feelings.

The lyrics paint a vivid picture of the narrator’s desires and emotions. In the first verse, the narrator mentions their bathing suit drying on the Porsche, indicating a sense of affluence. This detail, along with the name “Jessica,” suggests that the song revolves around a wealthy protagonist.

The chorus emphasizes the enchantment the narrator feels towards Jessica. She’s described as a girl who calls the shots, a mystical figure with a profound allure. The narrator repeats their love for her and appreciates everything about her, from her locks (hair) to her lox (possibly referring to her sophistication) and her lahks (similar to “likes” but perhaps suggesting admiration).

The second verse alludes to the narrator’s physical health, expressing their desire to be in good shape for Jessica. It showcases the narrator’s willingness to go to great lengths to please and impress her, despite her potential indifference.

The bridge of the song introduces a line in German: “Dein Gesicht und mein Gesicht könnten gute freunde sein,” which translates to “Your face and my face could be good friends.” This line reinforces the narrator’s fascination and desire for a deeper connection with Jessica.

“Jessica” is reminiscent of the early days of Ezra Koenig’s band, Vampire Weekend. It explores the theme of class and the complexities of relationships. While the narrator’s intentions are genuine, it leaves the song’s outcome uncertain, reflecting the insecurities and yearnings of young love.

Listening to “Jessica” reminds me of my own experiences with unrequited love and the overwhelming feelings that come with it. It takes me back to moments where I held someone on a pedestal, hoping they would notice and reciprocate my affection. The song beautifully captures the vulnerability and intensity of such emotions.

Major Lazer’s collaboration with Ezra Koenig on “Jessica” creates a mesmerizing blend of infectious beats and insightful lyrics. It’s a song that resonates with anyone who has experienced the exhilaration and heartache of young love.


– Featuring: Ezra Koenig

– Produced By: Major Lazer

– Written By: Diplo & Ezra Koenig

– Release Date: April 16, 2013

– “Jessica” samples Satisfaction by Carl Dawkins


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