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The Meaning Behind The Song: Jack Harlow (2020) | Funk Flex

The Meaning Behind The Song: Jack Harlow (2020) | Funk Flex

When I first heard Jack Harlow’s “Funk Flex” freestyle, I couldn’t help but be captivated by his lyrical prowess and confident delivery. The song, released on March 11, 2020, is a testament to Harlow’s rise in the rap game and his determination to succeed.

A Journey of Ambition and Success

In the song, Harlow reflects on his journey to the top and his aspirations for greatness. He acknowledges the struggles and obstacles he faced, particularly during his school days, where he showcased his talent in auditoriums. Despite the challenges, he always had a vision of himself at the pinnacle of success.

Harlow’s desire for fame and fortune is evident when he says, “All I want is twenty mil’ and Maddy from Euphoria.” This line not only highlights his financial goals but also references his admiration for the character Maddy Perez from the popular TV show “Euphoria.”

Reminiscing and Paying Tribute

Throughout the song, Harlow pays homage to the OGs and historians who came before him. He shares a moment of reflection with them, reminiscing about the day they learned of the tragic passing of the iconic rapper, The Notorious B.I.G.

Harlow further emphasizes his dedication to his craft when he mentions his focus on his music and his tunnel vision for making money. The line “I got tunnel vision, I got cash to make” shows his relentless pursuit of success and financial stability.

Love, Lust, and Self-Reflection

Amidst the pursuit of success, Harlow also explores themes of love, lust, and self-reflection. He admits to the temptations he faces with women and recognizes their desires. He cleverly compares using protection during sex to Funk Flex, a renowned radio host, always wearing his hat while on air – a symbol of preparedness.

Additionally, Harlow references his experiences with various women, highlighting the contrast between party-goers from his hometown, Louisville (referred to as the ‘Ville), and those from Lexington (Lex). He teases listeners, suggesting that his success has only just begun and that bigger things are on the horizon.

Ambition and Overcoming Challenges

Harlow’s “Funk Flex” freestyle serves as an anthem for ambition, determination, and overcoming challenges. He triumphantly declares, “I’m talking stupid money, dumb checks” and refers to himself as a number one prospect, highlighting his confidence and self-assurance.

Captivating the essence of his journey, Harlow acknowledges the frustrations of his brothers and reminds them to trust the process. He acknowledges the difficulties he faces, from the polluted oxygen he breathes to the processed food he consumes, symbolizing the challenges and sacrifices he endures in his pursuit of success.

A Message for Fans and Critics

The song also addresses the scrutiny and criticism that Harlow faces from others in the music industry. He notes that some rappers suffer from a “short-man syndrome and a God complex,” potentially alluding to their insecurities and inflated egos.

Despite the doubts and naysayers, Harlow resolutely proclaims that he is not finished yet, reaffirming his position as a rising star in the rap scene. He acknowledges that 2019 may not have been his breakthrough year, but now he confidently affirms, “If you ask me now, do I got one? Yes.”

A Promising Future

As the song concludes, Harlow hints at exciting things to come. He describes his determination to “fuck the game up” and go deeper into his craft, promising fans and critics alike that his journey has only just begun.

With its catchy flow, introspective lyrics, and confident delivery, Jack Harlow’s “Funk Flex” freestyle showcases his dedication and ambition for success. It serves as a declaration of his artistry and sets the stage for an exciting future in the rap game.

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