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The Meaning Behind The Song: Itsok by Janitra Satriani

The Meaning Behind The Song: Itsok by Janitra Satriani


Music has a magical way of touching our souls, and one such song that has resonated with me deeply is “Itsok” by Janitra Satriani. From the moment I heard the enchanting melody and heartfelt lyrics, I was captivated. In this article, I aim to explore the meaning behind the song and share my personal experiences with it.

The Lyrics:

I know, the universe
Is not right beside you now
But know, if it gets worse
I’m here

You might think that you’re cursed
Feels like the weight of the universe
But know, when it gets worse
I’m here

Everything is not your fault
You are not what you’ve been told
Stop overthinking, let these words sink in now

Close your eyes
It’s okay
Close your eyes
Everything’s gonna be okay

Close your eyes
It’s okay
Close your eyes
Everything’s gonna be okay

The Message:

At its core, “Itsok” is a song of comfort and reassurance. It reminds us that even though life may seem overwhelming and lonely at times, we are not alone. The first few lines acknowledge the distance and separation felt between two individuals. The song assures us that despite physical separation, the singer is there for support, especially when things take a turn for the worse. It beautifully captures the essence of being there for someone, providing solace and strength during challenging times.

Janitra Satriani skillfully addresses the feeling of being burdened by life’s challenges and emotions. The line, “You might think that you’re cursed, feels like the weight of the universe,” poignantly illustrates the psychological weight upon our shoulders when facing difficulties. The lyrics acknowledge these struggles and serve as a reminder that we are not defined by our circumstances.

The chorus delivers an uplifting message, encouraging us to close our eyes and find solace within. It reminds us that it is okay to take a moment to breathe and believe that everything will be alright. It’s a powerful reminder that even in the midst of chaos, there is still hope and peace to be found.

Personal Connection:

Personally, “Itsok” holds a special place in my heart. There have been times when I’ve felt isolated and overwhelmed, wallowing in self-doubt. This song served as an emotional anchor, reminding me that I am not alone in my struggles. The comforting words and soothing melody created a safe space for me to release my worries and find strength. “Itsok” became my go-to song during moments of uncertainty, offering me solace and a sense of hope.

Furthermore, Janitra Satriani’s raw and sincere delivery adds an extra layer of authenticity to the song. His heartfelt vocals and introspective lyrics make it easy to connect with the emotions conveyed. The song not only provides comfort but also encourages self-reflection and the acceptance of circumstances beyond our control.


“Itsok” by Janitra Satriani is a beautiful song that carries an important message of comfort, reassurance, and hope. Its lyrics remind us that we are not alone in our struggles and that there is always a glimmer of hope, even in our darkest moments. This song holds a special place in my heart and has been a source of strength during challenging times. I am grateful for the power of music and the way it can touch our souls and remind us that everything will be okay.

Album title: (Unknown)


Written By

Janitra Satriani

Release Date April 4, 2020

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