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The Meaning Behind The Song: It’s All About Jesus by Planetshakers

The Meaning Behind The Song: “It’s All About Jesus” by Planetshakers

Planetshakers, a renowned Christian worship band, released the powerful song “It’s All About Jesus” in their album “Rain” in 2018. This anthemic worship song resonates with believers around the world and has become a favorite in many churches. In this article, we will explore the deep meaning behind the lyrics of “It’s All About Jesus,” uncovering the message and impact that this song carries.

1. Introducing “It’s All About Jesus”

“It’s All About Jesus” is a high-energy praise and worship song that embodies the heart of the gospel message. The catchy melody and strong vocals serve as a backdrop to the song’s central theme – that Jesus Christ is the center of our faith and the source of our hope.

2. Declaring the Supremacy of Jesus

The opening lines of the song set the tone for the rest of the lyrics: “No name that is higher, no name that is greater, than Jesus.” This declaration emphasized the supremacy and unrivaled power of Jesus Christ. It serves as a reminder that there is no one above Him, and He alone is worthy of all honor and praise.

3. Reflecting on the Sacrifice of Jesus

As the song progresses, it highlights the sacrificial love of Jesus through the lines: “I’m in awe of the Cross, I’m in awe of Your love.” These lyrics direct our attention to the profound act of redemption that Jesus accomplished on the cross, dying for the sins of humanity. They invite us to reflect on the magnitude of His love and to respond with gratitude and awe.

4. Proclaiming the Victory of Jesus

Another important element of “It’s All About Jesus” is the emphasis on His triumph over sin and death. The lyrics declare, “You came to save, took on the grave, Jesus, You’re my King.” This proclamation reminds us that Jesus’ resurrection brings victory and eternal life to all who believe in Him. It encourages us to stand firm in faith and confidently declare His lordship.

5. Encouraging Total Surrender to Jesus

Throughout the song, the theme of surrender becomes apparent. It conveys the idea that our entire lives should be centered around Jesus. The lyrics declare, “It’s all about Jesus, all this is for You” and “Every breath that I take, every moment I’m awake, Lord, have Your way in me.” These phrases challenge us to relinquish control and submit every aspect of our lives to Jesus, acknowledging that He alone is worthy of our devotion.

6. Stirring Passionate Worship

“It’s All About Jesus” is not just a song to be sung, but an anthem that ignites passionate worship. The energetic rhythm, powerful lyrics, and dynamic musical arrangement foster an atmosphere of heartfelt worship and adoration. This song has the potential to awaken a desire within believers to wholeheartedly worship Jesus and to exalt Him with fervor.

7. The Impact of “It’s All About Jesus”

Since its release, “It’s All About Jesus” has made a significant impact in the Christian worship community and beyond. Its inspiring message and engaging melody have resonated with people of all ages. The song has been sung in countless churches, conferences, and events worldwide, further spreading the message of Jesus’ love and lordship.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Who wrote “It’s All About Jesus”?
“It’s All About Jesus” was written by the songwriting team of Planetshakers, which includes Sam Evans, Joth Hunt, Andy Harrison, and Josh Brown, among others.

2. What other popular songs have Planetshakers released?
Planetshakers is well-known for hit worship songs such as “The Anthem,” “Nothing Is Impossible,” “This Is Our Time,” and “Endless Praise.”

3. Did “It’s All About Jesus” receive any awards?
Although “It’s All About Jesus” did not receive any awards specifically, Planetshakers has been nominated and recognized for their contributions to the Christian music industry.

4. What impact has “It’s All About Jesus” had on worship leaders?
Worship leaders have found “It’s All About Jesus” to be a valuable addition to their repertoire due to its powerful lyrics, energetic melody, and ability to engage congregations in passionate worship.

5. Has “It’s All About Jesus” been translated into different languages?
Yes, “It’s All About Jesus” has been translated into several languages, allowing people around the world to connect with the song’s message. These translations include Spanish, Portuguese, French, and many more.

6. How does “It’s All About Jesus” impact the listener?
“It’s All About Jesus” has the power to impact the listener by drawing their attention to the significance of Jesus’ sacrifice, stirring up devotion, and encouraging a lifestyle of surrender to Him.

7. Are there any recorded testimonies of lives being changed through this song?
Yes, there have been numerous testimonies of lives being transformed and touched by God’s presence while singing or listening to “It’s All About Jesus.” Many individuals have experienced a deep encounter with God through this song.

8. How does “It’s All About Jesus” connect with the current worship culture?
“It’s All About Jesus” aligns perfectly with the current worship culture’s emphasis on encountering God’s presence, heartfelt adoration, and declaring the lordship of Jesus.

9. Can “It’s All About Jesus” be used in different worship settings?
Yes, “It’s All About Jesus” is versatile and can be used in various worship settings, including church services, conferences, youth gatherings, and personal worship times.

10. Which Bible verses relate to the message of “It’s All About Jesus”?
Several Bible verses support the central message of “It’s All About Jesus,” including Philippians 2:9-11, Colossians 1:17-18, and Revelation 5:12.

11. How has “It’s All About Jesus” impacted the younger generation?
“It’s All About Jesus” has resonated particularly well with the younger generation, as its energetic style and relatable lyrics capture their attention and inspire them to passionately worship Jesus.

12. Has “It’s All About Jesus” sparked any collaborations with other artists or bands?
While there haven’t been any official collaborations directly related to “It’s All About Jesus,” Planetshakers has collaborated with various artists and bands in the past, creating innovative and impactful worship music.

In conclusion, “It’s All About Jesus” by Planetshakers encapsulates the essence of the gospel message, emphasizing the supremacy, sacrifice, and victory of Jesus Christ. Its powerful lyrics and energetic melodies have left a lasting impact on the worship community, encouraging believers to passionately declare and live out their devotion to Jesus Christ.

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