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The Meaning Behind The Song: Iron Will Vs. Zecora by Mic the Microphone

The Meaning Behind The Song: Iron Will Vs. Zecora by Mic the Microphone

I am listening to the song “Iron Will Vs. Zecora” by Mic the Microphone while I’m working, and I must say, it’s quite an intense and exhilarating track. This track is a part of the album “Epic Pony Rap Battles of Equestria” released on January 1, 2013.

The song “Iron Will Vs. Zecora” depicts a battle of words and wits between two characters from the popular television show “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.” Iron Will, the self-proclaimed greatest motivator around, challenges Zecora, a rhyming enchantress, to a battle of rhyme.

The lyrics of the song show the fierce competition between Iron Will and Zecora. Iron Will starts off with confidence and arrogance, boasting about his rock-hard abs and his ability to train ponies. He mocks Zecora’s unique way of speaking and promises to school her while demanding payment for his services.

However, Zecora fires back with her own brand of clever and powerful lyrics. She questions Iron Will’s sanity and accuses him of wasting her time. She reminds him that she is not one to be provoked and boasts about her ability to hex him with her Poison Joke. Zecora uses her rhyming abilities to cleverly insult Iron Will, calling him a fool and a tool.

Iron Will tries to dismiss Zecora’s tactics as “Voodoo smoke” and claims that he brings results while she only gloats. He challenges her to let him take the lead and promises satisfaction guaranteed. Iron Will’s tone becomes more aggressive, comparing Zecora to a witch doctor and claiming he can turn shy ponies into balls of rage.

Zecora, however, remains unfazed by Iron Will’s threats. She mocks him for being defeated by a tree and asserts her dominance over the Everfree forest, which she calls her hood. Zecora reveals her abilities as an enchantress with spellbinding dances, warning Iron Will to run back to his maze before it’s too late. She concludes her verse by proclaiming that she will tear him apart and serve him in a pot of her boiled beef stew.

The song showcases the resilience and strength of both Iron Will and Zecora as they engage in a battle of words and power. It reflects the essence of their characters from the TV show, highlighting their contrasting personalities and abilities. Iron Will is shown as an arrogant and loud character, while Zecora is calm, collected, and showcases her strong rhyming skills.

Overall, “Iron Will Vs. Zecora” is a captivating song that brings these two characters to life through its powerful lyrics and energetic rap battle. It perfectly captures their individual strengths and weaknesses, while also entertaining fans of the “My Little Pony” franchise.

So, whether you’re a fan of the show or simply enjoy rap battles with catchy rhymes, “Iron Will Vs. Zecora” is definitely a track worth giving a listen.

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