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The Meaning Behind The Song: IRL by Mahalia

The Meaning Behind The Song: IRL by Mahalia

I started listening to Mahalia’s song IRL while I was working on a project, and instantly, it grabbed my attention with its beautiful melodies and heartfelt lyrics. As I delved deeper into the lyrics, I discovered a powerful message hidden within the song.

Chasing a Dream

The song begins with Mahalia reflecting on her journey and the obstacles she faced to achieve her dreams. She acknowledges that it takes time and dedication to make significant progress and establish oneself in the industry. Mahalia’s determination is evident as she shares her experience of starting her musical mission and working towards her vision.

In the pre-chorus, Mahalia reminisces about her teenage years, where she nurtured a big dream of being part of the music scene in a big city. She emphasizes the joy she feels when people sing her songs and the support she receives from her loved ones, especially her mother, who played a significant role in driving her to different audiences.

The Desire for Authenticity

The chorus of IRL reveals Mahalia’s longing for authenticity and real-life experiences. She yearns to see and experience things beyond her imagination, wanting them to become real rather than just figments of her mind. This desire is relatable to everyone who has ever wished to live out their dreams and aspirations in a tangible way.

The song’s title, “IRL,” stands for “In Real Life,” encapsulating the theme of Mahalia’s desire for genuine, tangible experiences rather than just daydreams and fantasies.

Overcoming Challenges

In the second verse, Mahalia mentions specific milestones in her career, such as making videos and going on tour. She acknowledges that the journey wasn’t easy, and she had to overcome challenges along the way. However, she emphasizes the importance of having someone who believes in you, as they can multiply your strength and resilience.

Resisting Negativity

The bridge of the song holds a powerful message about surrounding oneself with positive influences and resisting negativity. Mahalia urges listeners to choose carefully who they take on their journey to success. She warns against those who might try to bring you down and emphasizes the need to protect your confidence and dreams from those who only seek to exploit or undermine them.

The lyrics reflect the reality of striving for success in any field, where there will always be individuals who may try to dim your light. Mahalia reminds us to stay focused, keep our circles tight, and never compromise our self-worth.

Personal Reflections

I can’t help but connect with Mahalia’s words on a personal level. Like her, I have faced numerous challenges and setbacks on my own path towards chasing my dreams. However, I am inspired by her determination and resilience, as she overcomes obstacles and stays true to her vision.

The relatable and empowering message behind IRL resonates with anyone who has ever dared to dream big. Mahalia’s soulful voice and poetic lyrics intertwine to create a song that not only entertains but also motivates listeners to pursue their passions.

Overall, IRL by Mahalia is a powerful anthem for dreamers and individuals striving for authenticity in a world that often encourages conformity. Through her music, Mahalia reminds us that we can manifest our dreams into reality and overcome any challenges that come our way.

Album Title: IRL (2023)


  • Produced By JD. Reid
  • Written By Mahalia, Max Pope, Benjamin Hart & JD. Reid
  • Mastering Engineer Stuart Hawkes
  • Guitar Max Pope
  • Bass Max Pope
  • Piano La Pelicula Viviente Music
  • Additional Vocals JD. Reid
  • Engineer JD. Reid
  • Programmer JD. Reid
  • Keyboards JD. Reid
  • Drums JD. Reid
  • Mixing Engineer Geoff Swan
  • Release Date July 14, 2023
  • IRL Interpolations Sober by Mahalia

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