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The Meaning Behind The Song: Internet Famous by Vers

The Meaning Behind The Song: “Internet Famous” by Vers

A personal connection with the song

As a Music Technician, I have had the privilege of discovering various songs and experiencing their unique meanings. One such song that truly resonated with me is “Internet Famous” by Vers. I remember stumbling upon this song at a friend’s house, and from the very first listen, I was captivated by its powerful message and raw emotions.

The lyrics and their significance

The lyrics of “Internet Famous” delve into the culture of seeking validation and attention through social media, particularly Instagram. Vers, the talented artist behind the song, starts by addressing the trend of individuals faking their lives to gain online popularity. They put up pictures on Instagram, only to complain afterwards about not finding a meaningful connection.

Vers questions this behavior, wondering why anyone would play around and deceive themselves, knowing deep down that they won’t find true fulfillment. They urge these individuals to embrace their authenticity and discard the filters they use as a shield. The undressed photos mentioned represent vulnerability, which can often be overshadowed by the need for validation on social media.

The interlude, with the repeated line “You ain’t trying to hear nothing,” highlights the resistance to genuine advice or criticism from others. It reflects the ignorance of those trapped in the illusion of internet fame, not open to acknowledging their own flaws.

The second verse reaffirms the importance of being true to oneself and accepting imperfections. Vers suggests that these Instagram filters become a means of protection, preventing people from fully embracing who they really are. They emphasize that being genuine and true to oneself is more important than any filter, caption, or façade.

An exploration of societal pressures

“Internet Famous” tackles the societal pressure to conform to a false image of perfection. It urges listeners to break free from this self-imposed prison and recognize that the quest for virtual fame comes at the expense of their true selves. The song sheds light on the dangerous path of seeking validation solely through social media, where one’s worth becomes defined by likes and followers.


“Internet Famous” by Vers is more than just a song; it’s a powerful commentary on our modern society’s obsession with virtual validation. Vers challenges the superficiality of internet fame and encourages individuals to value their true selves over the digital personas they create. This song serves as a reminder to break free from the confines of social media and embrace authenticity in a world driven by filters and illusions.

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