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The Meaning Behind The Song: In This Lifetime by Sick Symphonies (Sick Jacken & Street Platoon)

The Meaning Behind The Song: In This Lifetime by Sick Symphonies (Sick Jacken & Street Platoon)

When it comes to music, it’s often the lyrics that truly resonate with us and make a song special. “In This Lifetime” by Sick Symphonies (Sick Jacken & Street Platoon) is one such song that carries deep meaning and speaks to the experiences of its creators. The lyrics of this track delve into themes of love, family, gratitude, and the struggles of growing up in the streets.

Verse 1 – Sick Jacken

Sick Jacken’s verse reflects on his upbringing, rooted in the Mexican streets, and how it shaped his perspective. He pays homage to his parents, particularly his father, who taught him street education and stressed the importance of cherishing family. Growing up in the tough neighborhood of Pico Union in Los Angeles, Sick Jacken acknowledges the challenges but emphasizes the importance of “keeping it moving” and finding joy amidst the struggles.

Verse 2 – Cynic

Cynic’s verse delves into the complexities of love and the impact of his upbringing on his ability to express it. He admits that his way of showing love was often harsh, using tough words and dismissive behavior. He acknowledges the tough love he received from his family and the streets, where he found solace with others who shared similar experiences. Cynic also reflects on the mistakes made and the pain inflicted on loved ones, especially his mother. Despite the blame he placed on her, he recognizes that she had no control over his actions.


The chorus of “In This Lifetime” revolves around gratitude and love for one’s city, family, and the experiences that shaped them. From the heartfelt words of Crow, who expresses gratitude for each day he wakes up, to Sick Jacken’s acknowledgment of his love for the women in his life during the night time, the chorus encapsulates a deep sense of appreciation for life and the people in it. The phrase “Me and my fam ’til we R.I.P” solidifies the significance of family bonds and loyalty.

Verse 3 – Crow

Crow’s verse reflects on the preciousness of life, noting the blessings of surviving and reflecting on past reckless behavior. He acknowledges the difficult times his parents endured, as they couldn’t watch his entire life unfold. Now, as a parent himself, he understands the circle of life and the responsibility he holds for raising the next generation. Crow thanks his family, who instilled street smarts that ultimately protected him.

Verse 4 – Cynic

Cynic’s second verse highlights personal growth and a newfound clarity in life after surviving his younger years. He expresses the desire to bring light to others and to live in peace with his family. Cynic acknowledges the role of his friend Jack, who introduced him to music production and provided him with the tools to pursue his passion. He now focuses on raising his own family with love and prayer for a peaceful existence.

Verse 5 – Sick Jacken

Sick Jacken’s final verse emphasizes the tough love experienced on the streets and the desperate actions taken to survive. Despite attempting to avoid illegal activities, he realizes that the world can be unforgiving. The resilience and lessons learned from his early life continue to guide him through the challenges he faces.

The song “In This Lifetime” beautifully encapsulates the experiences, challenges, and growth of Sick Symphonies’ members. It showcases their deep appreciation for family, their love for their city, and the unwavering strength they’ve gained from their upbringings. Through their powerful lyrics, Sick Symphonies provides listeners with a glimpse into their personal journeys and the meaning they find within their own lives.

Album title: Sickside Stories (2005)

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