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The Meaning Behind The Song: If We Can Get Through This We Can Get Through Anything by James Arthur

The Meaning Behind The Song: If We Can Get Through This We Can Get Through Anything by James Arthur


Music has the incredible power to touch our souls, reflect our emotions, and sometimes even help us find solace in our darkest moments. One such song that resonates with many is “If We Can Get Through This We Can Get Through Anything” by James Arthur. This powerful song speaks of the complexities and challenges of a relationship, while also emphasizing the strength and resilience required to overcome them.

Verse 1:

The opening lines of the song set a contrasting tone, questioning how someone so beautiful can also be a terrible human. It captures the confusion and frustration of being in a relationship where conflicting emotions exist. The lyrics depict the struggle of navigating through the ups and downs of a love that is both enthralling and tumultuous.

James Arthur describes laying in bed at night, pondering the nature of their relationship and wondering what they are doing. This introspection suggests a desire for clarity and understanding amidst the chaos. However, despite the trials faced, he acknowledges and admires his partner’s ability to stand up for themselves, even if it occasionally goes too far and causes them to endure hardships together.


The pre-chorus takes a more rebellious tone, highlighting moments of escapism through vices. It focuses on smoking, drinking, and indulging in passion over a bathroom sink. These acts serve as temporary distractions from the challenges faced in the relationship. The lyrics suggest that even though they may face difficulties, they can find solace in each other’s company for the duration of the night.


The chorus of the song carries a message of hope and perseverance. It emphasizes the belief that if they can overcome their current struggles, there is nothing they cannot forgive or conquer together. The repetition of the phrase “we can get through anything” reinforces the idea that their bond is strong enough to withstand any obstacles, and as long as they believe in each other, that’s all that truly matters.

Verse 2:

The second verse delves into the fear of committing to a forever-lasting love. James Arthur recognizes that there might be someone out there who would take better care of him. However, he admits that, despite any doubts, he finds comfort in being with his partner. The lyrics convey a sense of loyalty and acceptance, describing himself as a prisoner for the foreseeable future, willingly enduring any hardships that may come their way.

Bridge and Conclusion:

In the bridge, James Arthur expresses his unwavering belief in their ability to overcome their current difficulties. The repetition of “Oh, I believe we can get” reinforces the optimism and determination to make it through together, no matter what. The song ends with a final chorus, reiterating the message that if they can weather the storm they currently find themselves in, they can navigate any challenges that may lie ahead.

“If We Can Get Through This We Can Get Through Anything” showcases James Arthur’s ability to capture the complexity of relationships and the strength required to endure them. The song reminds us that love is not always smooth sailing, but with resilience, understanding, and belief in one another, we can triumph over any adversity. It serves as a powerful anthem for those who have faced and conquered challenges in their relationships.

Personally, this song resonates with me deeply. It reminds me of the ups and downs I have faced in my own relationships, the strength it takes to endure difficult times, and the importance of mutual support and belief in one another. It serves as a reminder that love is not always easy, but with dedication and an unyielding spirit, we can conquer anything that comes our way.

So, the next time you find yourself grappling with the complexities of a relationship, turn to James Arthur’s “If We Can Get Through This We Can Get Through Anything” for solace and inspiration. Know that you are not alone, and that with love, understanding, and unwavering belief, you can conquer any storm that comes your way.

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