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The Meaning Behind The Song: Ich möchte nicht, dass ihr meine Lieder singt by Jan Delay

The Meaning Behind The Song: “Ich möchte nicht, dass ihr meine Lieder singt” by Jan Delay


I have always admired Jan Delay as an artist who speaks his mind and doesn’t shy away from addressing important social issues. One of his standout tracks, “Ich möchte nicht, dass ihr meine Lieder singt” from the album “Searching for the Jan Soul Rebels” released in 2001, is a powerful critique of a particular fan base and the media industry.

The Lyrics

Jan Delay starts the song with the line “Die mit den Sonnenbankfunk, und dem Talkshowsoul,” which loosely translates to “Those with tanning bed funk and talk show soul.” These lyrics refer to a certain group of people who consume music and media that Jan Delay despises.

He emphasizes that this fan base often makes choices that he disagrees with in other aspects of life. He sings, “Ihr wählt doch sonst auch immer das Falsche, wenn ihr die Wahl habt” (You always choose the wrong thing when you have the choice). Jan Delay believes that these individuals crave cleanliness, order, and conformity, which goes against his own artistic values.

In the chorus, Jan Delay expresses his reluctance for these people to sing his songs, as his creations are meant for those who can relate to them and share a laugh with him over their shared experiences. He states, “Möchte ich nicht, dass ihr meine Lieder singt, denn wegen und gegen euch tu ich die machen” (I don’t want you to sing my songs because I make them because of and against you).

In the second verse, Jan Delay takes aim at the media industry, particularly the influence of the Axel Springer Verlag. He expresses his desire to distance himself from the distorted thoughts and opinions that arise from the conglomerate’s publications. He proclaims, “In den ganzen verstrahlten Hirnen wär ich gern abhanden” (I would gladly disappear from all those irradiated minds).

The lyrics also touch on the notion that fans and financiers should not have the power to dictate an artist’s path. Jan Delay shrugs off the importance of fans who fail to understand him, stating, “Wenn da draußen niemand ist der mich versteht, verkauf ich halt nur eine Platte!” (If there’s nobody out there who understands me, I’ll just sell one record!).

Towards the end of the song, a phone call is inserted, with someone warning Jan Delay that he would be nothing without his fans. This interlude further emphasizes the artist’s defiant stance against those who misunderstand his music and undermine his creative freedom.

What It Represents

Jan Delay’s “Ich möchte nicht, dass ihr meine Lieder singt” represents his refusal to conform to the expectations of a fan base that consumes music he disapproves of or embraces a specific worldview that he finds problematic. He wants his music to resonate with those who can truly understand and relate to the messages he conveys.

As an artist, Jan Delay wants his audience to appreciate the substance and intention behind his lyrics. He resents the idea of being associated with fans who fail to grasp the deeper meaning of his songs and merely enjoy them superficially. Additionally, he challenges the idea that fans have the right to dictate an artist’s creative choices or hold significant power over their artistic expression.


Jan Delay’s “Ich möchte nicht, dass ihr meine Lieder singt” is a poignant and personal track that challenges the fan base that contradicts his beliefs and values. It is a call for authenticity and artistic freedom in a world where commercial success often comes at the price of compromising one’s principles. Jan Delay’s refusal to be pigeonholed and his commitment to staying true to himself make this song an empowering anthem for artists everywhere.

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